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Farrah Fawcett ‘Banned’ From Seeing German Doctor

by | 3rd, June 2009

farrah_fawcett_FARRAH Fawcett’s Celebrity Cancer continues to interest Anorak’s Man in LA:

EXCLUSIVE: Farrah Fawcett’s friends say Ryan O’Neal won’t let her see the German doctor who treated her cancer and extended her life

Farrah Fawcett’s Hollywood friends say Ryan O’Neal is stopping the iconic actress’s German doctor from treating or visiting her in what appears to be the final stages of her battle with cancer, and denying the Hollywood legend one last chance at survival.

Dr. Ursula Jacob took over Farrah’s anal and liver cancer treatment in 2007, after doctors in the United States said they could not help her. She arrived in Los Angeles from Germany last month with more experimental therapies that she said could extend the actress’ life or put the cancer in remission.

“Dr. Jacob was out here and told Farrah there was experimental treatment that she should try because at this point there’s nothing anyone else can do for her,” says producer Brett Hudson, who was treated with Farrah at the various kliniks in Germany.

ryan“From what I’m told, Farrah tried the treatment for four days, but stopped because it made her feel sick. I know how sick she was. I was that sick, too. But that’s part of the process. Farrah stopped, and Ryan, who is now the gatekeeper, stopped all communication with Dr. Jacob.

“Dr. Jacob has tried to get in touch with Farrah. From what I’ve been told, Ryan shut her out. What do Farrah’s Hollywood friends think? The people you guys call ‘Farrah’s Hollywood friends’ are appalled! Dr. Jacob took on Farrah’s case after doctors here said there was nothing they could do for her. She did everything here, radiation and chemotherapy and it didn’t work. Only then did the doctors say, ‘You might as well try Germany.’

“That was almost two years ago. Dr. Jacob extended Farrah’s life. Now the doctor says she has nothing to lose. And after four days she stopped.

The latest outcry follows accusations from Greg Lott, Farrahs’ college beau and business partner that O’Neal suddenly cut off his access to his dear friend since the actor took over Farrah’s affairs on Easter.

O’Neal also took over control of the personal cancer documentary Farrah and her producing partner Craig Nevius had been preparing for two years. Nevius is suing, claiming the takeover was unlawful and that the final product, drastically reshot and re-edited by NBC News personnel, did not reflect Farrah’s visions and hopes for the documentary.

The documentary, which was turned into the NBC entertaiment special “Farrah’s Story,” a maudlin feature focusing on Farrah’s “love story” with O’Neal (star of the movie “Love Story”), was edited to diminish the credibility of Dr. Jacob and her colleagues, who use cutting edge, state-of-the-art treatment that is either not approved or used widely in the States.

In publicizing the TV product in which he played a big role, O’Neal said that Farrah’s cancer treatment “had pretty much ended.”

Hudson says his own cancer documentary project, Frozen Pictures’ The Klinik, will hit many of the tough issues removed from Farrah’s documentary, adds: “She’s in and out. She’s nearing the end.

“Ryan has shut Farrah off from everyone except for her American doctor and Alana Stewart. As far as we know, they’ve stopped all treatment. It’s pretty f—ing scary.”


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