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What Happened To All The Big Brother Winners

by | 4th, June 2009

bb-winnersBIG Brother looms like a prisoner over his bucket.

But while the 16 contestants taking part in the 10th series of Big Brother settle in, we take a look at the past winners.

Craig Phillips

BB1 Winnings: £70,000 donated to girl who needs a heart transplant.

Phillips did not drown in his own spittle but managed to carve out a career on daytime telly, as a handyman. He’s now launching Chix & Mortar, a DIY course for ladies.

Brian Dowling

BB2 Winnings: £70,000 winning gave his mum a new bathroom.

Presents a telly series in Ireland called Do You Want To Be Famous?. Presented SM:TV Live, which was not a sado-masochistic TV show on Channel Slapper but Saturday morning kids’ telly on ITV.

Kate Lawler

BB3 Winnings: £70,000 paid off her parents’ mortgage.

Presents a show on Kerrang! radio and once dated thuggish England footballer Johnathan Woodgate. Performed in Celebrity Wrestling, losing out to Page 3 one-time WAG Leilani Dowding. Recently ran the London Marathon with strips of cotton and lace over her primary sexual characteristics

Cameron Stout

BB4 Winnings: £70,000 spent on new piano for his church and brother’s bathroom.

As winner of the worst Big Brother, Cameron went on co-present the BBC Scotland series Teen Commandments in 2004. Voted Man Most Likely To Hear The Words, “Yous Was Never On Big Bruvva?”

Nadia Almada

BB5 Winnings: £63,500 on shoes.

Nadia now plays as No.7 for Manchester United and is writing her memoirs in the off-season.

Antony Hutton

BB6 Winnings: £50,000 – he shared the £100,000 top prize with Eugene. Being a Geordie Hutton was able to use the money to buy three houses and his mother a new set of breasts.

Now training to be hairdresser, Hutton gave BB its first live sex moments when he seemed to mate with Makosi in the Jacuzzi. Or is that Jacuzzi in the Makosi?

Pete Bennett

BB7 Winnings: Gave his mum £70,000 to pay off her mortgage.

Now touring with Pete Bennett & The Love Dogs, one of whom is not the boil washed Vanessa Feltz Nikki whose deep love for Pete saw her parachuted back into the house.

Brian Belo

BB8 Winnings: Bought a flat which he now rents out.

Once appeared on Harry Hill’s TV Burp (R.E.S.T.P.T.E!). Brian boasted, “I’m going to be glamorous. G.L.A.M.O.R.S.” Sure he walked like a clockwork toy soldier, and with a Butcher Boy haircut there was something of the Forrest Gump about him, but he won. So think on.

Rachel Rice

BB9 Winnings: Donated £10 to charity; cleared student debtzzzzzzzzzz and slashed out on a… Vauxhall Tigraaaaaahhhh.

Rachel is now a qualified drama teacher. In 20120 she wants to run the London Marathon. Perhaps in the manner of a really nice tree?

This year’s winner is a fame-hungry blonde from the Midlands, probably…

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