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Gordon Brown Might Be In Trouble

by | 6th, June 2009

A LOOK at Gordon Brown in the news. Old Mr Anorak says, “I may not be a political expert, but I sense the rumblings of discontent”…

Gordon Brown may be days from departure. Or – like the twitching body at the end of a hangman’s noose – his final spasms may be more drawn out.

A selection of dimbulbs, fuckwits, prodnoses, makeweights, morons, twats and cunts have either resigned or failed to resign and an even less impressive selection of halfwits, lightweights, windowlickers, vegetables and nonentities have been called in to fill in the gaps.

“This reshuffle has been conducted in an ordered and calm way”
Gordon Brown

Meanwhile, back to the UK, I suppose from an outsider’s perspective I wonder if at some point there can be a tipping point for the Liberal Democrats. I imagine a lot of people who might have some love for the Lib Dems nevertheless don’t want to “waste” a vote on a third party. But if it’s absolutely clear that the Tories will win no matter what, then that incentive seems to melt away and Labour will start polling even worse – Yglesias

…Caroline Flint from the list. Her behaviour – swearing loyalty one moment, plunging the stiletto the next – has surely vindicated the Broon’s opinion of her. She resigned, not on principle, but because she had demanded, and been denied, a promotion. Her behaviour has, indeed, resembled a misogynist caricature: she has been inconstant, emotional, egotistical, fickle and stroppy. “Several of the women attending Cabinet – myself included – have been treated by you as little more than female window dressing” she said. Hmm. Maybe that’s because, as Europe Minister, she boasted of not having read the Lisbon Treaty, and argued that we should be pro-EU (I’m not making this up) because we eat pizza – Daniel Hannan

The man is completely delusional. He just seemed to spend most of the time talking absolute nonsense. He just kept banging on about how he was the right man with the right team and he was “not arrogant”. The fact that the government is falling apart around his ears seemed to not even register – Mark Reckons

Openly gay MP Ben Bradshaw has been appointed as the new culture secretary, replacing Andy Burnham, who is to take over his role as health secretary.

The latest reshuffle means that there will be three openly gay figures in the cabinet, as Peter Mandelson is currently the business secretary and Nick Brown is the chief whip – Jessica Green

Do you remember Konstantin Ustinovich Chernenko? Perhaps not. But he held a most important post. In title, anyway. He was, for just 13 months until March 1985, the leader of the Soviet Union. In title, anyway.

Every Thursday morning, says one sad witness, Chernenko’s soon-to-be successor, Mikhail Gorbachev, “would sit in his office like a little orphan nervously awaiting a telephone call from the sick Chernenko: would he come to the Politburo himself or would he ask Gorbachev to stand in for him this time again?”

At his predecessor’s funeral, Chernenko “could barely read the eulogy. Those present strained to catch the meaning of what he was trying to say. He spoke rapidly, swallowed his words, kept coughing and stopped repeatedly to wipe his lips and forehead. He ascended Lenin’s Mausoleum by way of a newly installed escalator and descended with the help of two bodyguards.”

And now, it appears, another living waxwork is to join the grisly ranks in modern history. Another sweating, stumbling shell of a political career, drained of power or genius, impelled and sustained only by anger and pride. Another brittle, prickly carapace gone all squishy inside, surrounded by a plotting politburo, theoretically able to launch nuclear weapons, attend international summits, pat the heads of schoolchildren and kiss the hands of popes and monarchs, but disconnected from the control of anything the Government actually does – Matthew Parris

Anyone else get the sense something may be up?

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