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Labour MP Attacked By Roaring Cow In Park

by | 8th, June 2009

blunkettFORMER Home Secretary David Blunkett “told how one of the cows ‘let out a roar’ on spotting eight-year-old Sadie.”

Sadie is Mr Blunkett’s guide dog. That’s Sadie now. “Neigh,” says Sadie. “Meooowwwww,” says Sadie. “Buck-buck-buck-buck-baaaaa.”

Mr Blunkett is walking in Derbyshire’s Peak District National Park on Saturday. That’s badger territory.

He tells us:

“I let go of Sadie and she shot off. But the next thing I knew, I’d stumbled to the ground and the animal fell over too.

“She hit my side and broke my rib. Had her full weight of around a ton hit me, I’d have been a goner.”

Mr Blunkett says the roaring animal that hit him was a cow. The blind Labour MP suffered a broken rib.

Says Blunkett:

“I’ve made inquiries and the incidence of people being attacked by cattle is extremely high, especially at this time of year.”

And not just people but dogs, too, are menaced by cows. Dogs hate cows. Cows need to be brought into line. Cows must be better policed. Cows must be locked up.

Right, Sadie?

“Roaaarrr,!” says Sadie, who then laughs like a hyena…

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