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Susan Boyle At Live Sex Show

by | 8th, June 2009

susan-boyle-nakedVIRGIN SUSAN Boyle is “ready to do it.”

The Sun’s COLIN ROBERTSON says “Virgin” SuBo is going to do it “LIVE”.

After recovering from exhaustion she talked to show bosses and told them: “Get me on the stage.”

“Virgin” Susan Boyle is ready to “it” “live” on a “stage”.

She is now desperate to be on the tour, which starts in Birmingham on Friday. Boss Simon Cowell has secured her a slot and tour insiders say she is “highly likely” to perform. But he has insisted she can pull out at any time if she feels under too much pressure.

Simon Cowell has “secured her a slot”. Simon Cowell fought for her. He said, “No, the break dancers, the other break dancers and the weeping child can all move along the school bench for SuBo to squeeze in.

All that remains to be told is who Susan Boyle is going to be doing “it” with?

And here Robertson really does have some sensation. Having created an image of family telly star SuBo in a live sex show, the Sun equips a picture of a man carrying a jacket draped over a basket with the caption:

Reunited … SuBo’s cat pebbles.”

Might it be that Pebbles is not a feline, rather a pet name for SuBo’s purring lover?

In which case, she might not be the virgin the Sun bills her as, nor an angel, nor even all that hairy – and we can check that out during her live bed show…

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