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Susan Boyle Lives In A Secure Unit

by | 11th, June 2009

susanboyle-starSUSAN Boyle, property of Simon Cowell Inc., has moved into a £2million flat in a converted convent, rented for her by her handler.

Says a Britain’s Got Talent wonk:

Simon is looking after his prize possession and no expense will be spared making sure she is happy in herself and well enough to perform. He wants her to be fully recovered from the exhaustion she suffered during Britain’s Got Talent.

Sssssusan. Trusssst in me, Sussan. Lisssssten to my voice, Sussssan. You will perform Sssssusssssan.

“Diversity may have won the show but Susan’s the one with massive pound signs over her head. She’s being wrapped in cotton wool.”

That’s better, issssn’t it, Ssssusssan,… There there…

From the Priory’s rubber rooms to Cowell’s cotton wool palace, Susan Boyle is being controlled.

Music supremo Cowell was told about the “idyllic and highly secure” premises by Susan’s private doctor — who treated her at The Priory clinic in London last week. Dr Sarah Lotzof said the apartment would put the Scottish singer in a “stable and homely” environment.

Our of The Priory into the after-show Priory for the world’s most famous cat lady.

Can you milk a cat lady? Let’s see

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