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BNP Organzier Has NAZI Car Sticker

by | 18th, June 2009

hitler-greenMORE news from Blackburn, and that Robin Evans, the BNP’s Blackburn organiser, drives about town with a “Nazi sticker” on his car.

The former councillor for Mill Hill in Blackburn, who now lives in Darwen, said he did not know who had stuck the letters on his metallic green Volkswagen Golf, but thought it was “quite funny”, adding: “It doesn’t bother me”

The Volkswagen is in keeping with the theme. But if he did not stick the stickers, who did?

Blackburn MP Jack Straw said the sticker “exposed the true colours of the BNP”.


When asked about it by the Lancashire Telegraph Mr Evans, who stood for the BNP at this month’s Darwen Town Council elections, said: “You know what people are like. Everyone calls me a Nazi.”

Well, what would you rather have written on your car “Nazi” or “Robin”. One comes with jackboots, the other with just three wheels.

“Someone put it on there 12 months ago. It was in silver letters. What you see there is the wreckage. I haven’t a clue who tried to take it off but I couldn’t be bothered. To be honest I thought it was quite funny. It’s better than them putting my windows through or smashing bottles on my head which I’ve had before.”

But what if “NAZI” is not the message – what if “NAZI” are just the letters that remain, the other parts of the word having dropped off.

What if the full words read: “PERPPHRENAZINE“?

Doctor’s note: A phenothiazine tranquilizer is used especially to control symptoms (as anxiety, agitation, and delusions) of psychotic conditions. It’s brand name Trilafon is used to treat schizophrenia.

Says Mr Nick Griffin BNP Supreme Leader:

“I would advise him to take it off. It was obviously put there by some crank. He may be putting a brave face on it.”


Note: the article in the Lancashire Telegraph is writen by one Tom Moseley – not a victim of nominative determinism.

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