Anorak News | Widow Of Barack Obama’s Murder Victim Sues President

Widow Of Barack Obama’s Murder Victim Sues President

by | 20th, June 2009

dead-obama-flyIOWAHAWKS look at the fallout to the President’s murdering of one of God’s creatures – Mr. T-Bone Fly – on the telly.

WASHINGTON — The widow of the housefly murdered by Barack Obama during a recent CNBC television interview announced this morning that she would be filing a wrongful death suit against the President in federal district court. The plaintiff brief — citing pain, suffering and loss of income — seeks a formal apology and compensatory damages, including an unspecified quantity of shit.

“Bob was a wonderful husband and provider,” said the widow, Mrs. Vivian Vvzzvzwwzzz, wiping tears from her compound eyes. “Even though he was always busy at the Rose Garden turd pile, he always flew home in time to tuck in our maggots”…

Breaking down, an emotionally distraught Vvzzvzwwzzz was comforted by PETA President Ingrid Newkirk and ACLU President Nadine Strossen. The two groups announced they will file an amicus brief in the case and file a separate class action suit against the insecticide, flyswatter and pest strip industries, seeking over 1 million metric tons of compensatory shit on behalf of 200 billion Fly-Americans.

“The President’s treatment of the Fly community has been extremely disappointing,” said Newkirk. “He almost seemed to relish his bloodthirsty attack on Mr. Vvzzvzwwzzz. It’s obvious he’s in the pocket of Big Manure.”

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