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Twitter Iran: How To Swear In Farsi

by | 21st, June 2009

iran-twitterBECAUSE Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei is following evil Britons on Twitter – all of you! – Anorak thinks it improtant that you know how to convey your feelings in a recognisable fashion. We bring you the Twitter Guide to Farsi Swearing.

How to Twitter Iran – a guide to swearing in Farsi (NSFW):

Madar kooni——>Your mom is gay
Tu zetch hasti——>You’re ugly!
Tu khaly booeh bad mead——>You smell really bad
Kiret biyofteh——>May your penis fall
Sag bokonatet——>May a dog fuck you
Sag nanato kard——>A dog fucked your mom
Kiram too ajdadet——>My cock in your ancestors
Tokmat gereh bokhoran——>May your balls get tied in a knot
Choob too konet——>A stick in your ass
Mesleh sag bemiri——>May you die like a dog
Kiret mariz besheh——>An infection to your penis
Morde shooreto bebaran——>May you be washed by a corpse washer. (I hope you die)
Goozidam too cheshmet——>I fart in your eye
Goh bebareh roo gahbret——>May shit rain upon your grave
Meshosham beh seebillet——>I piss on your moustache
Tokhmam kafe dastet——>My testicles on your palm


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