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Robbie Williams In Raffles Crime Caper

by | 25th, June 2009

robbie-williamROBBIE Williams is being quizzed by the armed department of the Celebrity Police Force (CPF).

The Sun, which leads with this news, says the quiz centres on “this photo”, a picture which shows a wet Williams wearing a blue life jacket while smoking a cigarette.

The crimes are all too obvious, but what of the quiz?

ROBBIE Williams is being quizzed by police probing an armed robbery carried out by three thugs.

Eat yer heat out Lindsay Lohan. While the flame-haired starlet is accused – and then cleared – of being a master criminal, Williams is embroiled in a proper caper, one that could launch his career in film.

The cops want to see if Robbie, 35, can help them discover if there is any link between the raid and photos taken of the star smoking a large roll-up cigarette in the Bahamas.

A large cigarette? Can we venture to say it is a Raffles, and Our Robbie is getting into part for a film of the crime?

The scene: a beach in the Caribbean:

A public row erupted between Robbie’s group and two snappers… Hours after the angry confrontation, British photographer Matt Sanchez and American Carlos Mendez were robbed at gunpoint in their beach cottage.

Three thugs smashed their way in at 3am, held a pistol to Mendez’s head and threatened to kill the pair. They made off with £15,000-worth of cameras, clothes, travel documents and cash.

Send for the CPF. They need to meet with this Williams chap and check out his story. Now if you could just sign the confession, sir, “Best wishes, Robbie” and pose for the mug shot with your arm around my shoulders and smiling warmly.

Says Bahamas police chief Ellsworth Moss:

“We are in the process of speaking to Robbie Williams. I sent a team of officers from Nassau to the island yesterday and I am waiting for them to report back to me. They are going to speak to everybody who would have been party to whatever may or may not have happened on the beach. From the information we get from him we will know exactly where to move with the investigation.”

Anorak suggest the CFP move the investigation to TMZ or any other site that accepts celebrity police videos.

Asked if Robbie was free to leave Staniel Cay, Mr Moss replied: “It all depends on our interview with him. We’ll make a determination as to whether he can help us or not.”

Keep him ther. And have him do for the Bahamas what Amy Winehouse is doing to St Lucia…

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