Anorak News | Michael Jackson Dies Without His Nose On

Michael Jackson Dies Without His Nose On

by | 27th, June 2009
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michael-jackson-noseMICHAEL Jackson has died without his nose on. This news is brought to you by CCN – Celebrity Cancer News – Anorak’s media alert system that keeps you news vultures on top of doom and gloom.

As Anorak’s Man in LA Reports:

Entertainment Tonight is running and distributing what’s billed as Michael Jackson’s final photo, which is slightly misleading as it depicts Jacko’s lifeless corpse being wheeled into UCLA Medical Center. A study of the photo reveals one detail that’s yet to be commented on: Michael Jackson is missing the tip of his nose.

With his many plastic surgeries, Jacko did much damage to the cartilege in his nose and was rumoured to use putty or a prosthetic to replace the destroyed end of his schnozz (in fact, during a dance move in a 2001 concert in Madison Square Garden, Jacko supposedly flicked the nose tip into the second row).

It appears that the tip was lost as paramedics worked valiantly to get his heart started, perhaps in a kiss of life.

– TB

The Changing Face Of Michael Jackson – Pictures:

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