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Tito Jackson Proves Michael Jackson’s Children Are His

by | 16th, July 2009

7544071MICHAEL Jackson Watch: In which Michael Jackson’sn bother Tito proves Paris, Prince and Blanket are Jacko’s, Jackson danced for hours non-stop and murder…

Daily Mirror: “THE KIDS ARE JACKO’S”

It’s another exclusive by Oddjob wannabe Tito Jackson.

Michael Jackson is the father of his children – and Blanket is just like him, says Tito Jackson

Martin Fricker reports the facts. Tito Jackson knows. If you can’t trust a man in a bowler hat, who can you trust, Mr Bingley?

Tito Jackson insisted yesterday there is one simple test that proves his brother Michael is truly the biological father of his children.

Ask all the other men in the world? Ask Jeremy Kyle? What?

All the doubters have to do to see the likeness is look into their eyes – especially those of Jacko’s youngest Blanket. Tito said: “They are all his children. Blanket is Michael’s, I can tell. Those eyes don’t lie. Them eyes are Michael over again. I see a lot of Michael in him.”

Of course! Any fool can see that the children look just like Michael Jackson, you know that image her had of himself in his mind’s eye. Paris and Prince Michael both have Jacko’s alabaster skin, until he took to blacking up. And Blanket looks the image of Jacko in the 1980s. There might be more children, one for each of Jackson’s facial unveilings. Might it be that Jackson’s surgery was not a cry for help but a selfless effort to make his children – no two look the same! – feel secure, that they look like dad?

“They are all Michael’s children. Prince looks just like my grandfather. There’s no question they are Michael’s. They are 100% his. The kids are like three peas in a pod. They remind me of me and my brothers when we were growing up.”

Get the grandfather! And book The Jackson Three – A, B, C…

Tito admitted not even he knew the identity of Blanket’s mum. He added: “Nobody knows who his mother is, nobody. That’s the million dollar question. When I find out I’ll call you!”

Does the Mirror have a millions dollars? You might have to go elsewhere, Tito.

Tito: “The kids are very, very normal”…

Tito: ““Michael did a lot of things to make up for the fact parts of their childhood were not normal.”

Tito Jackson has the facts. Easy as 1,2,3… It’s as unambiguous as our headline.

“They are not going to be pushed into becoming performers. If it’s natural, then maybe they will. Blanket is the one I can see it happening to. He is so like Michael.”

Maybe they will be pushed, or no they won’t be? Come on, Tito, the clock is ticking on these child stars. And the one that looks like Michael Jackson (c. 1994) might be more likely to perform than the others?

Tito has the facts.

The Sun: “WHAT’S UP DOC? Probe into Jacko skin surgeon”

There are “5 Questions for Dr Allen

What were you thinking?
Was Jacko part panda bear?
Can you treat adult acne?
Is there a book in this?


It’s a Star “picture exclusive”. It’s a picture of Jackson’s blotchy legs, which you budding medics can see here, published yesterday.

Sky News: Murder?

Police in Los Angeles are treating Michael Jackson’s death as a homicide, according to TMZ, the website that broke the news of the singer’s death.

Just ask the Daily Star – it knows.

The Sun: “JACKO tried to fight his insomnia by DANCING for hours, a pal said yesterday.”

Publicist Rob Goldstone said the King of Pop had a dance floor installed in hotel rooms during the Bad tour in the late ’80s.

He said: “At the end of a show it took him eight to ten hours to wind down. So he’d dance the entire time.”


He also said the star – who became hooked on sedatives – read kids’ books to relax.

Whilst dancing!

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