Anorak News | Michael Jackson: Danny Gans’ Death, Kai Chase And Jacko’s New Autobiography

Michael Jackson: Danny Gans’ Death, Kai Chase And Jacko’s New Autobiography

by | 30th, July 2009

kai-chaseMICHAEL Jackson Watch: Jackson’s chef Kai Chase speaks again, Jackson’s new autobiography, Zoe Hunter and Danny Gans…

Mirror: “Exclusive: his final hours by his chef”.

This would be the exclusive with Kai Chase that Anorak picked up on the newswires yesterday and is now all over the internet?

Of course, the Mirror is not lying. This is an exclusive – to all those Mirror readers who don’t read Anorak.

You can read the exclusive exclusive of the chef with the book to sell here.

Daily Star: Jacko’s 20 dodgy docs”

Police are hunting more than 20 dodgy doctors who helped fuel Michael Jackson’s drug habit. Murder squad officers say it’s the biggest probe into celebrity addiction that Los Angeles has ever seen.

Can Jackson be linked to the death of Danny Gans?

One homicide officer said: “It’s long been suspected that friendly doctors have been enabling celebrities in Hollywood to feed their habits. However, the real extent of what’s been going on is truly shocking. We are uncovering a massive trade in fraudulent prescriptions.”

PJ Star: “Cue & A with comedian J. Scott Homan – Everyday life the perfect inspiration for comedian’s latest act”

Q. What in the news these days is the easiest target for a comedian?

A. Michael Jackson.

Plus ca change.

Oregon Live: “Review: Sonic Youth at Roseland Theater”

Band members spoke little between songs, though Moore at one point called out for any good Michael Jackson jokes from the audience.

“It’s never too soon for Jacko jokes,” he said. “Why did Michael Jackson like 49-year-olds?” (Say it out loud.)

Florida Weekly: Jackson’s death should teach us about disorders

Jackson’s death should teach us about disorders BY CHRISTINE STAPLETON.

Here follows the archetypal Jackson story and obituary:

He was my third-grade heartthrob. He was a fabulous dancer. He was a brilliant musician. He was a pop icon. He was accused of pedophilia. He may have been a drug addict. He probably was mentally ill. I am not a doctor but I believe Michael Jackson suffered horribly from several illnesses.

Southern Reproter: Theatrical triple proves no obvious trauma for Zoe

TO say it’s a busy few months ahead for Zoe Hunter is the equivalent of saying Michael Jackson’s death received moderate coverage from the world’s media.

Michael & Me.

Urban Mecca: “Publishers acquire Michael Jackson’s autobiography rights”

Publishers including Random House have bought the rights to reprint Michael Jackson’s best-selling 1988 autobiography, “Moonwalk,” Random House said on Friday.

A new Michael Jackson autobiography – no peace yet…

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