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Katie Price Has Suspected Swine Flu

by | 1st, August 2009

katie-price71CELEBRITY Swine Flu: Katie Price has swine flu. Maybe.

We join the action as Katie makes her way to Bournemouth. Her spokeswoman takes up the drama:

I handed Katie a piece of chewing gum and just after she put it into her mouth, a veneer came out. She was in a lot of discomfort and we found a dentist who would open up especially to treat her.

“He had to give her a lot of anaesthetic and her face swelled. She could not face the general public looking like that.”

Can’t she hide her face behind her breasts? Or give those Jordans an anaesthetic and hide her entire self behind them? But this is not all:

Her publicist continues:

I am a little worried that she may have swine flu. She has been feeling ill over the past couple of days and she is spending some time in bed today.”

It has to be swine flu. It’s is always swine flu. There is no other illness – swine flu has killed all the viruses and the germs.

That it should come to this – Katie Price not ahead of the pack, not developing her own trend but just being one of the many.

Why swine flu? Why not something more exotic like Peter Andre flu?


Note: “So there you go. Yes, we do have pigs and pig farms in Jordan. Now I’m not saying that one plus one will equal one or anything, it’s just a fact that I think Jordanians should know before assuming the “Oh we’re a Muslim country so we don’t have any pigs” line of thinking.”

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