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Peter Andre Calls Katie Price ‘Cheap’

by | 2nd, August 2009

peter-andre-homeIN the prelude to ITV2’s Peter Andre: Going It Alone, a reality show in which Mr Katie Price goes it alone in the company of a TV crew, Pete The Good talks with the News of the World’s magazine.

In “Peter Andre: Torment, tears and why he left Katie Price”, readers get to hear from Pete The Good. Pete seems willing to talk about his marriage but at the same time apparently keen to show that he is not keen to talk about his marriage.

Within minutes of arriving at our shoot in Hove, near Brighton, Peter Andre has greeted the girls with a kiss and shaken the guys’ hands… Peter’s in good spirits. That is, until he spies a newspaper article that we’d tried ever-so-quickly to hide as he entered the kitchen. His smile disappears. He physically steels himself and says: “Show me. I want to see.”

…There, next to a picture of Katie wearing a tiny handkerchief of a dress, is a story about how she plans to “finish what she started” with footballer Frank Lampard… and then make a play for Cristiano Ronaldo too.

It’s an awkward moment. Peter can’t stop himself staring at this latest humiliation. He shakes his head, looks away and mutters: “That’s just so cheap,” under his breath. His eyes suddenly look sad and he can’t face a mouthful of the enormous breakfast spread in front of him.

Pete The Good passes judgement in a whisper in front of tabloid hacks.

He made it perfectly clear before the interview that he doesn’t want to talk about Katie’s behaviour

His first recorded words are: “That’s so cheap.”

It’s almost 12 weeks since he called time on the marriage. While Peter, 36, has remained dignified, Katie, 31, has stripped off, got drunk, snogged blokes, slagged him off and given a TV interview about the break-up. She has moved on. Peter has not.

Pete, who is pictured stripped off in his underpants, who has appeared on a GMTV interview and called his wife “cheap”, has NOT snogged any blokes since the split. He and Katie Price are chalk and cheese.

The media wants readers to pick side – but Katie Price and Peter Andre seem very similar. Well suited, some would say.


Pete has not moved on:

“I keep thinking I should be getting through this, but I can’t get it out of my head. Everyone around me keeps telling me to snap out of it, but it’s not that easy. Some days are good, some are still bad. In the first few days, all I could think about were my kids. I knew I had to be strong for them…

So you..?

“…so I went to Ikea to buy furniture, duvets and pillowcases to go in the new home I’d bought for us.”

Then the going gets tough the tough visit the 9th circle of Hell that is Ikea and thereby learn that life can be worse.

“Whatever my personal feelings are, I won’t let that affect my kids. At the end of every bedtime story I read to them, I close the book and say: ‘You know Daddy loves you, and you know Mummy loves you.’ I still say that and I’ll always say that, because for them we are together. In my new home in Hove, I’ve tried to replicate everything from the house we shared as a family. I’ve bought prams with dollies for Princess and DVDs for Junior.”

So says Pete the Good, who sounds not a lot unlike Katie The Bad, who tells OK! magazine that she cares deeply for Pete, who she would choose above all other men to be father to her children, who is a “good dad” and that she “never wanted it [marriage] to end”.

So much for saying she slagged Pete The Good off. Tsk! That’s so cheap…

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