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Tattoo With Real Silicon Breast Implants

by | 2nd, August 2009
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tattoo-1PICTURES here of a man having actual silicon implants added to his tattoo of a pneumatic woman up the ante for tattoo enthusiasts, Jordan fans, tribute acts and any other man keen to won huge pair of breasts.

Tattoos as tributes, tattoos on the face and tattoos as adverts have all been tried. But as yet no-one has implanted a voice box into their tattoo and enabled it to speak, or added some animatronics to enable that naked woman to actually dry hump that anchor.

Also look out for those zig-zaggy green tattoos favoured by backpackers and men who wear sandal in cities to shimmer like waving grass.

Or how about tattoos that rotate and advertise a product to suit the mood?

There are a myriad ways to announce to the world that you are desperately in search of an identity.

Much yet to try…

Note: The same effect can be experinced at numerous Russian clinics where all manner of matter can be left stiched into the human body, for a fee.


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