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Michael Jackson Missing From Death Bed Pictures

by | 3rd, August 2009

jackson-pillow-1MICHAEL Jackson Watch: Anorak’s at-a-glance look at Michael Jackson in the news – Jackson’s death bed revisited, Dr Conrad Murray and Michael Jackson is missing…

The Daily Mirror’s front page promises/ threatens: “Secrets of Jackson’s death bed.”

This is another chance for tabloid fans to view the bed on which Michael Jackson died. The secrets are many:
Jackson had a pillow!
Jackson had a duvet!
Jackson pillow and duvet were NOT Little Mermaid knock offs!
There were no little boys in his bed.


Victoria Ward and Ryan Parry pay homage to the Jackson death bed:


This is the bedroom where medics battled to save Michael Jackson, the pillow still dented where his head lay.

Either that or the dent was made by the Dr’s backside as he used the phone to call the ambulance. A plastercast shodl be taken and placed in the museum.

The photo was taken the day after the singer’s death and shows the scene exactly as 999 crews found it when they were called to his home last month.

Exactly as they found it..? So where’s Jackson? Have you seen him? Is he really dead?

Jacko was pronounced dead two hours later and the second-floor room – thought to have been used by his personal doctor Conrad Murray – was immediately sealed as police launched an investigation. Nothing was removed.

Nothing. We ask again: Where is Michael Jackson?

In a powerful snapshot of his final moments… On the bedside table is Jacko’s glasses case, a half-finished bottle of orange and some Fiji mineral water… An unopened tube of toothpaste is also on the bed and a doll can be seen poking out from the duvet.

Wow! What can’t we see?

Oxygen tanks are understood to be just out of sight.

Like Jackson.


And the Doctor, Dr Conrad Murray? Is that bottle of orange juice his?

His legal aide Miranda Sevcik tell us:

“Michael Jackson stopped breathing 30 minutes before emergency personnel were called out… We have nothing that we are hiding. There are two sides to every story. Dr Murray is getting hit with all these accusations but we have not been able to say anything.”

Indeed. There is no proof of foul play. No proof of murder. No proof of a killing. What there is speculation that means a man who took drugs and looked about as well as Marley’s ghost died cannot yet rest in peace…

Image: Stonewall Jackson’s deathbed.

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