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Pictures From Inside Michael Jackson’s Mansion Of Death

by | 6th, August 2009
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michael-jackson-house51MICHAEL Jackson Watch: Anorak’s at-a-glance look at Michael Jackson in the news – the blood-soaked shirt; the Jackson death bed and pictures inside the Jackson “death mansion”…

The Sun: “‘Bloodied’ shirt in Jacko’s wardrobe”

Having shown us around the morgue, and bounced on the singer’s death bed, fans of Jackson armchair theatre not get:

A WOMEN’S blouse appearing to be stained with blood hangs in Michael Jackson’s wardrobe – sparking a new mystery over the superstar’s death.

So it might not be blood. And how does an item of clothing – a white shirt – spark a new mystery of how Jackson died?

It still has a price label attached, indicating it had not been worn and could have been used to mop up blood.

Pete Samson of the La Toya Jackson Police Department is on the case.  Previously on Jackson Armchair Theatre, Samson told us that Jackson was “killed” by a doctor’s aide. Now we see a top smeared in tomato ketchup/Jesus juice/fake blood for the Thriller part of the stage show, and learn that the wearer forgot to remove the label from before flying to the moon on a rubber penguin. Now read on:

It is thought the blouse was NOT seized by police probing the 50-year-old singer’s death in his rented Los Angeles home.

Yeah, that’s how important the blouse is to the investigation.

Last night leading US lawyer Craig Silverman said: “It’s pretty extraordinary that a bloody shirt would not be taken as evidence.” Mr Silverman, who is not involved with the case, said it could be a clue to what went wrong with Dr Conrad Murray’s treatment of Jacko – or the personal physician’s attempts to revive him.

Yes, it could. So says the legal expert.

Now we move along and journey:

Inside Jackson’s death mansion

It boasts seven bedrooms, 13 bathrooms and 11 fireplaces as well as sprawling grounds, a huge swimming pool and a guest house. Its cluttered state after the star’s death are in contrast to pristine agents’ pictures of the property before he rented it.

Not so big, then. And what’s this about shop-aholic Jackson having clutter? Perhaps the estate agents will not tidy up and sell it as a themed family residence?

Jackson’s bedroom:

All the furniture in the cluttered room is pushed to one side, possibly during the panic after the King of Pop suffered a cardiac arrest. Missing from the picture of the room is medical equipment shown in an earlier published shot, which investigators are believed to have taken as evidence.

You want more facts, detective?

And a walk-in closet once filled with medical equipment including oxygen tanks is seen to be empty.

Get a load of that empty wardrobe. Anyone think to tap the back panel?

The death of Michael Jackson will one day be televised…

Pictures from inside the Jackson “death mansion”:

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