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Madeleine McCann: Fat Victoria Beckham, New Zealand And Michael Jackson

by | 6th, August 2009
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mccann-11MADELEINE McCann Watch: Anorak’s at-a-glance look at Madeleine McCann in the news – Fat Victoria Beckham, New Zealand And Michael Jackson…

FIRST Post: “McCann detectives seek Australian woman”

The First Post has the facts. The wanted woman is Australian. Not a Kiwi as earlier reported. Fact.

The men described her as a “Victoria Beckham lookalike”. She had an Australian accent and spoke Spanish and Catalan as well as English.

So she might not have been Australian, only blessed with the accent she got from watching daytime telly.

The Guardian: “The woman, said to have an Australian or New Zealand accent”

The First Post:

The two witnesses are said to have encountered the woman outside a restaurant in Barcelona’s popular marina area. She apparently mistook the principal witness, a 41-year-old man, for someone she was supposed to meet.

A man she was supposed to meet?

Daily Mirror: “Madeleine McCann hunt: ‘Victoria Beckham lookalike’ sought by police”

The British men, who were part of a larger group, saw the woman in the early hours of May 7 2007 while on a night out in Barcelona’s popular Port Olimpic Marina. The woman was well-dressed but appeared agitated and kept walking up and down outside the El Rey de la Gamba restaurant bar as if she was waiting to meet somebody, the witnesses recalled.

So not quite as the First Post reports. Sicky Vicky might have been meeting someone. And, er, she might not have. What about her being a ringer for Victoria Bcekham?

He also described her as “a bit of a Victoria Beckham lookalike“.

Which bit?

The Sun: “’Posh lookalike link to Maddie'”

A professional look alike?

She was described as “being a virtual Victoria Beckham double apart from having a slightly fuller face“.

From beign “a bit like Sticky Vicky”,  the wanted women has become the star’s victual clone, albeit fatter. But, then who isn’t fatter than Sticky?

A source said: “This man has been sufficiently troubled by the meeting with the woman to have it on his mind for a long time but there were reasons why he felt he couldn’t come forward.
“But with all the publicity over the second anniversary of Maddie’s disappearance he finally felt he had to report the meeting to us.”

What publicity? Michael Jackson has largely stymied the Third Summer of Our Maddie being the media’s fall back story. But with the King of Pop now long dead, and the media looking for an easy story, Madeleine McCann returns to the fore…

Sydney Morning Herald: “Australian the strongest lead in hunt for Madeleine McCann”

Dave Edgar, a retired British detective hired by the family as a private investigator, said the woman was of significance but not a suspect in the case… “We’re not going to go into details of the conversation,” Mr Edgar said. “For operational reasons, we’re just not able to comment on what was said, but it was significant.”

Mr Edgar uses the language of official policing in his capcity as a private investigator. It is worth remembering that there is an official police force, and if you do know what happened to Madeleine McCann, you can call them on free phone 999.

Courier Mail: “Madeleine McCann suspect holds clue in Australia link”

Mr Edgar would not say what the conversation the pair had was, how it was related to Madeleine or why the man had only come forward now but described his evidence as significant and the witness extremely credible.

Thanks for not sharing the evidence with us. Ask no questions, people, just get looking for Fat Posh…

“The man who was on holidays with his friends, described how he later saw the woman in the bar and after someone bumped her on her stool, she abused them in Catalan and he realised she was bilingual. He again had another short conversation with her and then she left, still in a troubled state. All up he spoke with her for about three minutes.

The witness speaks Catalan?

“The man is a very credible witness, a professional man and we take his evidence on face value,” Mr Edgar said yesterday.

“We describe this woman as a significant person, the conversation they had was significant and that is why we are here today. I wouldn’t be sitting here with an appeal if we didn’t think it significant.”

Like Raymond Hewlett..?

Donside Piper & Herald: “Madeleine: Beckham lookalike sought”

She is said to have had an Australian or New Zealand accent, and is also thought to speak fluent Spanish or Catalan.

Or Galician. Or Ladino. Or Leonese. Or Euskara…

This is London: “Posh Spice lookalike’ may hold key to Madeleine McCann case”

She was described as 30 to 35, slim and wearing expensive blue jeans and a jersey, possibly pastel-coloured.

Posh wear pastel-coloured sweater. World in shock. Fashion industry in meltdown. Giorgio Armani said to be “disappointed”…


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