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Dignified Peter Andre Says Katie Price Is Disgusting

by | 8th, August 2009

peter-andre4THE Sun has news form Peter Andre that his estranged wife is disguisting. Says the front-page screamer:  “JORDAN IS DISGUSTING.”

It’s Pete The Good, the media’s antithesis to Katie Price the Bad, telling Sun readers that his estranged wife is “Disgusting”. This follows Peter calling Katie “cheap“. It’s Peter The Good who told on the subject of his kids:

I’m aware that at some stage they’ll want to go on the internet, read what happened, and see what was said, and I don’t want them to read anything bad their dad has said about their mum.

Now Peter Andre has more to say:

SHOCKED PETER ANDRE last night accused JORDAN of dealing him “the lowest blow ever” when she let their four-year-old son see her in bed with her new lover. Singer Pete, 36, branded his ex “disgusting” as he told how Junior asked him why Mummy was in bed with another man.

Gordon Smart has the dirt. And in keeping with Rupert Murdoch’s statement that his titles will not publish all their contents for free on the web, readers are invited “To read this exclusive interview in full buy today’s Sun newspaper.”

Don’t bother.

This exclusive was in last weeks’ heat magazine, in which Pete broke his “dignified silence” to tell readers:

“I NEVER liked Jordan… I never liked the Jordan character.”

It’s that other media invention that seeks to split Katie Price from Jordan, enabling her estranged husband to call her disgusting while apparently continuing his dignified silence about Katie Price. The loving mum to his gorgeous kids.

At the end of every bedtime story I read to them, I close the book and say: ‘You know Daddy loves you, and you know Mummy loves you.’ I still say that and I’ll always say that, because for them we are togethe – Peter Andre, NOTW

As we’ve noted:

They are, of course, the same person. The dichotomy between Jordan the tart and Katie Price the home maker and Olympic hopeful is a cynical marketing ploy.

So who is in bed with the other man, thought to be Alex Reid – Katie Price or Jordan? Says Pete:

“It was a knife in the heart. Not just that, it was a knife, a twist and a lift.”

Andre has taken to peaking in bad lyrics. Gordon Smart narrates:

Pete – who split from Jordan 14 weeks ago – revealed his anguish as he slammed his soon-to-be ex-wife in an amazing interview with The Sun. He said: “I heard Junior had been asking why Mummy was in bed with another man. I didn’t believe it. I just thought it was kids saying things. But Junior has said it to me since. It’s something a four-year-old should not be saying.

“I can’t even bring myself to say the other name, but Junior just said, ‘Why is he in bed with Mummy? What is he doing in Mummy’s bed?’

“That’s the most disgraceful thing I have ever heard. Ever.”

He should try listening to this.

Disgraceful & Disgusting. And Divorce. The title of the Katie Price – Peter Andre divorce show writes itself…

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