Anorak News | Barack Obama Not Killed By Armed Man In New Hampshire

Barack Obama Not Killed By Armed Man In New Hampshire

by | 11th, August 2009

obama-gun-1THE Barack Obama Death Cult – Anorak’s look at the media’s obsession with Obama’s assassination – Gawker spots a man with a pistol strapped to his leg waiting for Barack Obama to arrive at a townhall meeting in New Hampshire.

The man is holding a sign that bears the legend: “It Is Time to Water the Tree of Liberty.”You know, the Jefferson quote on the French Revoltiosn – he was all for it.

John Cook confirms that it’s a reference to a Thomas Jefferson aphorism:

The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time, with the blood of patriots and tyrants.” It was a favorite slogan of Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh, who was wearing a T-shirt when he was arrested with a picture of Lincoln on the front and a tree dripping with blood on the back.

Iranians might agree. NBC News’ Ron Allen says:

Outside the event where President Obama will conduct his town hall, there is an anti-Obama protestor with a gun — a pistol strapped to his lower leg. The local police chief said it’s legal for the man to have a registered handgun — as long as it is not concealed. What’s more, he is on private property, a church yard, which has given him permission to be there.

Man caught not breaking law. Read all about it.

gun-obamaBut it’s Barack Obama, say the media’s nodding heads. And because he is black he must be the target of an assassination attempt. Hey, over 1milllion threats and counting can’t be wrong. And that’s not including them.

So John Cook tells us:

“It’s a rational reading of the anticipated behavior of a man who brandishes a gun at the location where the president is expected to imminently arrive while holding a sign that openly advocates his assassination. And the astonishing, breathtaking, maddening fact that he hasn’t been violently taken to the ground by large men wearing suits and earpieces is an open encouragement to anyone else so inclined to give it a shot.”

Really, John. The astonishing thing is that he enjoys freedom of speech.

It’s the Barack Obama Death Cult – the media is waiting for the big one… Who wants to be a media star?

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