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David Cameron Tells Taliban Decapitation Is Lawful And Right

by | 19th, August 2009

7288286DAVID Cameron show’s he learnt something from the War on Terror by anouncing a “decapitation strategy” for Labour ministers.

This sounds like a desperate attempt by the Tories to show that the political elite are soemthing more than a cosy bunch of self-serving troughers. Forget the policies, Cameron is calling for a violent overthrow.  It’s language we can relate to.

The Telegraph reports:

Five Cabinet Ministers have been targeted in a “decapitation” strategy by David Cameron to try to wipe out some of Labour’s biggest names at the next general election.

Violence always spices up politics. And hats and heads off to Cameron for injecting some vim into the political scene.

But isn’t this political showboating a little early?

Here’s what a “senior shadow cabinet source” told the paper:

“Certain Labour Party big beasts, and they know who they are, are already experiencing more activity on the ground from us. We are going to make Ed Balls and Alistair Darling and some of their ministerial colleagues feel very uncomfortable.

“They will not only be fighting their most difficult general election campaign on a national front in two decades but they will also have really tricky contests in their own constituencies.”

The Spectator’s Peter Hoskin thinks the Tory jihadis may have shot themselves in the foot with their bragging:

In the current climate, the Tories should be going around saying that they want to win for the good of the country – not that they’re indulging in political assassinations.

If the Tories are true to their word, what price Ed Balls’ eyes continuing to swivel in his head as it’s hoisted aloft on a big stick?

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