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Lily Allen Records Ashes Tribute To Heath Ledger

by | 22nd, August 2009

7726230TO help tabloid reading footy fans make sense of the Ashes, the Sun looks at Lily Allen’s scorecard as “she spent the day rating the England cricket team ‘shag’ or ‘snog” on the programme.

“Lily was marking her favourites on the programme and rubbing her fella’s face in it. She likes Freddie the best so she scribbled shag next to his picture and snog next to Steve’s.”

The South London Oval is not North London’s Lord’s, where Keith Bradshaw, the secretary of the MCC, opined:

We have to brand the home of cricket carefully. We do not want to cheapen it.”

At the Oval you can expect Lily Allen themed score cards: fours as Phwoars, the boundary always just out of reach but never crossed. Forget the raised finger for being out – it’s two fingers at The Lily Allen Oval. And potential members have to be seconded by at least two celebrity family members or they’re out.

And while Lily Allen does the pictures, she also does the commentary for Test Match Special, being interviewed at lunch – the BBC recognises the truism that an event without a celebrity is no event at all.

Nothing new in this. Anorak recalls Brian Johnston talking with Bill Pertwee, Worzel Gummidge himself, for 90 minutes on the matter of cake as rain delayed the start of the afternoon session.

What’s more, Allen may have been excited at the chance to meet Henry Blofeld, whose nicknamed of “Blowers” makes him sound like a Groucho Club regular. As we lean on the TMS blog:

Dressed in a blue and white striped t-shirt, jeans and grey suede boots and without any make-up, Lily explained it was Flintoff’s drunken exploits at Downing Street during the Ashes celebrations four years ago which prompted her to get more seriously into cricket.

Cricket was ever about the drinks and the lunch, as Anorak’s pictorial history shows.

Who show ends, as ever, with strains of Booker T. & the M.G.’s Soul Limbo, known know as F*** Off You ****, Allen’s tribute to sledging. and the much missed Aussie cricekt great Heath Sledger…


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