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Katie Price’s Pregnancy Dilemma: Who’s The Daddy?

by | 26th, August 2009

2392832KATIE PRICE – Peter Andre Divorce: who is the father of Katie’s child? Alex Reid? Andre Pinto? Peter Andre? Phil Turner and Gary Cockerill? We investigate..

In “JORDAN’S PREGNANCY DILEMMA”, OK! readers are offered that headline and beneath a picture of the fragrant Katie Price the teaser:


Before we find out more, the Sun looks at possibly suspects, beginning with Brazilian Andre Pinto, 25.

Says Katie:

“I had sex three times with him. I was single.”

The Sun has more:

After exchanging kisses they embarked on a passionate relationship by sending each other hundreds of steamy text messages. Jordan, 31, admitted begging banker Pinto, 25, to send her X-rated pictures of his privates. And he sent her messages too dirty to repeat. Following a secret dinner at London’s trendy Nobu restaurant, the pair launched into a month-long fling.

Yeah, randy Katie Price had sex with her lover a whole three in a month. Five times a night is old news; the real goes make a sex last for days.

But did Pinto get her with child?

Says Katie of her new reality TV show, Who Katie Did Next:

I’m not even pregnant and you’ll see that in the show. I’ve done a pregnancy test upstairs. They came in the toilet with me and they’ve watched it develop.”

But OK! advertises the “pregnancy dilemma”. Can Jordan be pregnant and not pregnant? Maybe, Jordan is pregnant and Katie Price isn’t?

Perhaps Alex Reid, the cage fighter with the persona of a provincial nightclub doorman and the looks of a man who lost a fight with a cage, tells Now magazine:

We have an amazing connection. It’s something I can’t describe in words. We spend an hour just looking at each other in the eyes – it’s mad! I’ve never, ever, ever, felt like this. She questions me about it, and yes I’ve been in love, but I’ve never felt like this. I want to be with her all the time. I have told her I love her pretty much every day since we met. And about 50 million times a day.”

Why not 50 bazillion? That’s real love, Alex. But as he screamed “I love you” into Katie’s ear, did he also impregnate her?

In OK!, then, and we discover that Katie’s pregnancy could be the product of a sperm soup made by Phil Turner and Gary Cockerill, whose made-for-TV wedding Katie attended recently.

Meanwhile, Peter Andre is to join This Morning as a showbiz reporter.

Perhaps sentimental Pete will know who squired Katie – so long as there’s enough time left for the news after he’s finished not talking about Katie and boasting about his love for his kidzzzzzzzz…

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