Anorak News | Peter Andre Exposes The Sex Pistols While Katie Price Exposes The Media

Peter Andre Exposes The Sex Pistols While Katie Price Exposes The Media

by | 29th, August 2009

77537111PETER Andre, Katie Price Divorce – BY now you‘ll be wondering what Peter Andre has been up to. How’s the wife, Katie Price? How are the kidzzz?

Thankfully, Peter took time out to speaks to the Media Guardian Edinburgh International Television Festival and says that “This is what life’s all about…

Life is all about talking about yourself, and whatshername to heat magazine’s Boyd Hilton – he works for the magazine that printed a sticker of the then five-year-old Harvey Price’s head next to the words “Harvey wants to eat me“. heat mocked a disabled child – Peter Andre’s step-son.

Andre – then tells us that Johnny Rotten – the pillock from the butter adverts – didn’t brush his teeth for two weeks in the I’m A Celebrity Jungle and wore the same undies for the duration of his stay.

Yeah, the ex-Sex Pistol wears underwear – under his trousers. How very bourgoise.

Dignified Peter then starts to talk about… plate tectonics. No, only joking. The BBC has yet to sign Peter up to its natural history department, but he has lived in a jungle for two weeks so give it time.

Peter the Dignified starts talking about Katie Price. And Tony Parsons is talking about Pater Andre talking about Katie Price:

We love Pete. So it’s sad to see him getting it so hopelessly wrong when he rails about Jordan’s new bloke hanging out with their kids.

Pete has reportedly had emergency meetings with his lawyers because of the amount of time cage fighter Alex Reid, the new Katie Price squeeze, is spending with them.

Pete, any man who has been through the divorce courts knows exactly how you feel.

Coleen Nolan, Parsons’ mucker in the Daily Mirror also know just how Peter The Good feels:

I know exactly how Peter Andre feels when he looks at another man – Alex Reid – playing happy families with his kids: totally sick, like he wants to retch his insides out.

I know ‘cos I was there once myself, seeing another woman cuddling my boys and laughing with them.

And Jordan, aka Katie Price – well, she does her own PR on Twitter:

Katie Price has accused her estranged husband Peter Andre of setting up family pictures of him and the children for the media.

Katie tweeted: “Heard pete doing shoot with the kids in sardina an going tues dont know why he is doing a shoot he has set up every other one in papers sad! (sic).”

What a celeb actually phones ahead to arrange for the snappers to capture the moment of deep love? You mean that Peter The Good isn’t always being sentimental? And Katie isn’t always a slapper?

Never! Much to discuss at the big media show. The modern media: one big cyncial marketing ploy…

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