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Jaycee Dugard’s Secret Emails, In Pictures

by | 1st, September 2009

1712614JAYCEE Lee Dugard – Anorak’s look at Jaycee Dugard in the news: Nancy Garrido And Phillip Garrido’s wedding photographs, a bone found, Jaycee’s secret emails and brainwashed by rape…

Sky News: “Jaycee Police Find Bone At House Next Door”

Police investigating the kidnap of Jaycee Lee Dugard have found a bone at the property next door to the home of her alleged abductor.

A skull. Bet it’s a skull… A hooker’s skull…

It was too early to tell whether the piece of bone was animal or human, sheriff’s department spokesman Jimmy Lee said.

Be still, armchair detectives and ghoul spotters…

Former customers of Garrido’s printing business say they are not surprised.

Carla Kirkland told Sky News: “When I drove up and he met me out on the road I thought it was a strange area that has no real communication. I don’t want to say it’s a bad area, I just thought it was the perfect place for what he did.”

Do you see? Sky says lots of sex attackers live in the area, but names none, nor tells viewers how many.

What says the expert?

JoAnn Behrman-Lippert, who has researched child abductions, said: “We know there are many cases like this, and it’s very detrimental to the survivors to have such a simplistic view that does not take into account the actual situation the person was in.”

Agreed. Jaycee Dugard is her own person. But they knew Charles Manson..?

Ms Behrman-Lippert said: “In my experience with kidnapping victims, I know they don’t always identify with the abductor.

Expert talks sense – read all about it!


“He murdered 12 women and girls”

Knew it! what about Nancy Garrido?

They met at Leavenworth prison, Kansas, where he was serving his sentence and she was visiting a relative. They had married in the jail and after he got out they had the picture taken to send to his father Manuel, who refused to attend the ceremony.

Manuel Garrido said: “You can see that he is a very handsome man and you can imagine him dominating Jaycee. Nancy was extremely attractive and would have and did do anything for Phil. They look like the typical All-American couple – but when you know Phil like I do you know there is something terrible under the surface.”

Why imagine? Stick to the facts – they’re bad enough. And what was terrible was not that far under the surface – Phillip Garrido was in jail for rape and everyone who wants to talk to the media says he was nuts.

Daily Express: “Wife in Jaycee kidnap is the real monster”

Monsters. Not humans? Humans is more worrying than monsters. It is the humanity that makes this a big story.


Carl Probyn said: “They were a family. They wept when he was captured. They were attached to each other. It’s going OK, it’s step-by-step. It’s like Mars for them. It’s going to take a long time. They thought Jaycee was their sister. They don’t realise she was kidnapped. This is a new situation, it’s never happened. They’re intelligent. They may not have gone to school but they’re smart.They’re shy, they’re clingy. After 18 years being gone it’s pretty remarkable what Jaycee’s facing. She survived. She did what she had to do.”

Daily Telegraph: “Jaycee Lee Dugard sent emails from captivity”

Jaycee Lee Dugard was able to send emails from captivity and communicated with customers of her abductor’s printing business.

Detectives believe she regularly had access to an email account but had become so brainwashed by Philip Garrido that she never sent a message for help.

Was she brainwashed, or did she do what she had to do to survive? Can she be brainwashed yet still recognise her real mum, whom she greated by saying: “Mum, I have babies”?

Instead, her emails were banal replies to requests for printing products at Garrido’s business “Printing for Less”. In one she asked a client whether he wanted glossy or matte advertising brochures.

Banal. Says the Tabloid Telegraph.

The emails were typed in lower case letters with only a few spelling mistakes.

Interesting. What can that mean? While we wait for the email-ologist, we read the emails:

In 2007, by which time she had been missing for16 years, Miss Dugard sent an email to client Ben Daughdrill, who used to own a junk hauling business.

It read: “i will take a look at the price sheet and send you over a copy of the revised brochure tomorrow. as to the pictures sorry…but we don’t have a digital camera…

“i can get the brochures to you pretty fast within the week of final approval of the brochures. how many are you going to order and do you want them on glossy or matte paper, thick or thin?”


SEX slave Jaycee Lee Dugard survived an 18-year kidnap ordeal by pretending to be 11 years old.

But the Telegraph says Jaycee was “brainwashed”.

She continued to behave like a child and maintained her girly blonde looks for 18 hellish years to keep the monster on side.

More facts:

He began raping her almost immediately – and Jaycee soon realised she could end up dead if she did not satisfy his vile urges. Shrinks closely monitoring their tearful reunion were amazed when she cheerily greeted Terry saying: “Hi Mom, I have two babies.” They say that overwhelmingly suggests Jaycee is trying to blot out the past 18 years as an awful blur.

It does?

Marcos Breton – The Sacramento Bee

It’s Jaycee Dugard & Me

What would I say to my child 18 years after she was stolen from me — after her childhood was stolen from her — by a stranger?

You’d say – There’s a column in this…

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