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BNP List Leaker Matthew Single Fined £200

by | 1st, September 2009

single-bnpWHEN Matthew Single, a former member of the British National Party, leaked the names of the BNP’s 10,000 members online he broke the law and caused a sensation – it turned out that not all BNP members were in the police force, nor were they all still living with their mums.

At Nottingham magistrates, Single was fined £200 for disclosing data without consent. District Judge Stobart also told Single to pay £100 towards the cost of the prosecution. This seems cheap, and it is a reduced fine because Single is on benefits.

Says the judge:

Judge Stobart added: “It comes as no surprise to me that somebody to do with an organisation that prides itself on Britishness is in fact living off the British people on Job Seeker’s Allowance and that is why the fine is so low as to be ridiculous.”

As  we say, not all BNP members are employed in the police force. No. Single’s living off the immigrant labourers who come here and pay our Great British taxes.

Immigrants’ taxes for Great British non-workers!

The charges were dropped against Single’s wife, Sadie Graham-Single… Single trained BNP members in security while his wife was head of group development for the party nationally and was a councillor.

Yeah, Single has a wife. The crime:

When police raided his home they found a laptop computer and two memory sticks, which were wrapped in cellophane and hidden at the bottom of a cereal box.

Corn flakes or Fruit Loops…

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