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Phillip Garrido And Jaycee Dugard’s Secret Sons Found

by | 3rd, September 2009

phillip-garrido-001JAYCEE Lee Dugard – Anorak’s look at Jaycee Dugard in the news: THE tabloid war to make the ordeal endured by Jaycee Dugard yet worse, moves on as the Sun wonders if Phillip Garrido killed Jaycee’s secret sons.

Did Garrido kill Jaycee’s sons?

With no phone numbers to call to vote “Yes” or “No”, there is nothing else for it but to review the evidence:

SEX monster Phillip Garrido may have had other children with kidnapped Jaycee Lee Dugard – and killed them if they were boys, cops said last night.

These would be the same sleuths who failed to spot Jaycee living in convicted paedophile rapist Phillip Garrido’s garden? Let’s hear from the experts:

Senior detective probing her kidnap, rape and imprisonment in California said: “It doesn’t make sense that a healthy young girl not on birth control only conceived twice in that time. She was raped continually and you would think there would be more babies.”

You would think that. But thankfully the law only has to deal with facts. So any boys, dead or alive?

But maybe – and here’s thing – Garrido is:

A) Not all that potent?
B) Into some other sick perversion that means he does not try to impregnate Jaycee with each rape? (To be explored in lurid detail later.)
C) Did not continually rape her?
D) Insert theory there

The detective muses on:

Garrido is a self-confessed paedophile and experts have told us he would only want daughters with her – and he would see any sons as a potential threat.

Seeing little girls grow up would give him a continual sexual thrill, but Garrido has never had sexual feelings towards males.

As they grew up and got stronger, he’d get older and weaker. To Garrido, any boys on the scene may be construed as a future threat.

It is of course only a line of inquiry but we have to ask Jaycee if she did have any other babies with Garrido and if she did, then what happened to those babies.

Is he that much of a sicko that he could dispose of any male babies?’

Can Phillip Garrido be yet crazier than anyone thinks he already is?

Five more questions to ponder:

Did Phillip Garrido donate sperm to Michael Jackson’s clinic?

Was their evidence on Garrido’s computer that he followed the Maddie McCann case?

Did Nancy Garrido know Jon Benet Ramsay?

Why didn’t Phillip Garrido die from swine flu?

Why didn’t they ask Evans?

More to follow…


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