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Video Of The 9/11 Non WWF Advert

by | 3rd, September 2009

wwf-9-11THE World Wildlife Fund did not endorse the advert of planes flying into New York and killing thousands of people. It reacted to the stills and the video with a statement, which you can read here.

That advert had nothing to do with the WWF. It was an outright denial. And then we get this:

Sergio Valente, president of DDB Brasil, said the ad was presented to the WWF in Brazil in December 2008 and approved; it then ran once in a small local paper.

“When I saw it, I said, ‘Stop running that ad,'” Mr. Valente said.

Can’t see the client liking that one, much. So we then get this apology, which is the good old fashioned non-denial denial:

After the WWF appeared to initially deny approving the ad, DDB Brasil and the WWF hammered out a statement posted in Portuguese on both groups’ Brazilian websites Wednesday afternoon apologizing for the ad and attributing it to “the inexperience of some professionals on both sides, and not bad faith or disrespect toward American suffering.

Indeed, it was made with the best intentions by professionals. No-one is to blame, but everyone is to praise. This is what ahppens when PR and advertisers collide. you get the trusth wrapped in layer upon layer of ambiguous, sugar-coated, 2-4-1 bilge.

But the best part is yet to come. You know who made the advert? Do you? Well, if you do please tell the agency:

A DDB Brasil spokesperson in Sao Paulo said a video version of the ad being circulated on the internet was not done or authorized by the agency or the client. She said DDB execs first saw the video, which features slightly different copy, on the internet and don’t know who created it.

Right now there are rogue agents, shadowy figures producing adverts. And they are every bit as terrible as the ones being produced by the pros. The WWF might not save face but it should save money…

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