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All The Worst Bits From The Peter Andre And Katie Price Divorce

by | 8th, September 2009

Peter Andre And Katie PriceKATIE Price And Peter Andre are suing each other for divorce. It’s the end of the anti-romance Anorak dubbed Tit 4 Tat.

Katie and Peter are looking for a decree nisi, from a marriage that is irretrievably broken down. Price K v Andrea PJ is big news. The newspapers look on:


“They agree on trouble free split!”

Hurrah! No more mud slinging form Dignified Pete and Katie The Bad. And having told us that front-page fact, the Mirror’s 3am Girls reveal:

“Peter Andre and Katie Price to divorce – with acrimony”

Perhaps the Girls read the Sun?

Last night a family lawyer said: “It’s quite sad really and nothing more than a petty snipe from Ms Price. It’s her way of saying, ‘I am not allowing you to divorce me – instead I am going to divorce you.’ It’s just a way of sticking your fingers up at your ex through legal process. It’s about emotion – nothing else.”

How very typical of Katie Price. Tsk! As Sky news tells us, it was Peter who said:

The 36-year-old declared “enough is enough” after a string of tit-for-tat headlines which have dominated the tabloids since the couple parted in May.

Daily Star: “Yesterday furious Peter hit back at his wife’s ‘lies, lies, lies’.”

He says he’s been driven to the brink by her continual bizarre allegations about their relationship.

But what of the other facts?


This is an “EXCLUSIVE


And this too is an “EXCLUSIVE

And there is shocking news from the Tabloid Telegraph:

Price, 30, a former glamour model turned author and reality TV star, appears under the name Katie Price in her petition against 36-year-old singer Andre.

That’s 31-year-old Katie Price to all the other papers. It looks like the Tabloidgraph has its own exclusive.

And the facts keep on coming. About that counter-suing?

Daily Express: “Such cases only occur in about one out of every 400 divorces.

Daily Star: “A court insider revealed: ‘They are both applying for divorce, which only happens in about one in every 300 cases. It doesn’t bode well for a quiet and friendly outcome.”

Such are the facts…

Peter And Katie In Pictures

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