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Caster Semenya Has ‘Internal Testes’ And ‘No Womb’

by | 10th, September 2009

7722651CASTER Semenya is the man? Caster Semenya has both male and female organs, so reports the Sun? Fact: the 18 year old winner of the 800m at the World Athletics Championships is a man. Well, possibly a fact.

Semenya has no womb or ovaries, says the claim. Caster Semenya has internal testes.

An IAAF source is quoted thus:

“There certainly is evidence now that Semenya is a hermaphrodite. But the trouble is the IAAF now have the whole ANC and the whole of South Africa on their backs. Everything is going to have to be done absolutely by the book, no question of a challenge to our findings.”

Which is why the source has just told the international media about the latest findings, to do it by the book?

But let’s not bee too hard on this humble book keeper. The Athletics South Africa (ASA) is defending its athlete to an extent that it stuck her in a dress, made up her face and sat her on the cover of YOU magazine, a local gossip mag, her new hair-do beside the headline:


So we look. And Caster Semenya looks like the one who played the bass for Cool And The Gang. Caster Semenya is beign paraded for our perusal. She is not being her own woman, or man. She is being controlled. Says YOU:

“Athletics star Caster Semenya as you’ve never seen her before – transformed by YOU from powergirl to glamour girl.”

No longer a woman, Caster Semenya is now a girl. Any more branding and she’ll be a toddler scampering around a tack trying to escape a voracious foreign press as she seeks comfort in the bosom of daddy Jacob Zuma and loving arms of Mother South Africa.

Says Caster Semenya in YOU:

“I’d like to dress up more often and wear dresses but I never get the chance. I’d also like to learn to do my own make-up… I’ve never bought my own clothes – my mum buys them for me. But now that I know what I can look like, I’d like to dress like this more often.”

Well, she is a champions, and with gold comes geld. And the WAGs.

Meanwhile, while Caster goes shopping, the man at the IAAF is still talking:

There’s all sorts of scans you do. This is why it’s complicated.

What d’yer mean complicated? YOU has put her in a dress and turned her into a girl. Easy. Move on.

In the past you used to do a gynaecological exam, blood test, chromosome test, whatever. That’s why the findings were challenged, because it’s not quite so simple. So what they do now is they do everything, and then they can say look, not only has she got this, she’s got that and the other. The problem for us is to avoid it being an issue now which is very personal: of the organs being a hermaphrodite, of not being a ‘real’ woman. It’s very dramatic.”

No, it’s a person. And if Cater Semenya is not a woman, the matter is not why she wanted to run but why was she ever allowed to travel to Berlin to compete in the first place?

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