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Michael Jackson Wanted To Be A Magnet And Live In Shropshire

by | 13th, September 2009

6008941MICHAEL Jackson Tribute Watch: Anorak’s at-a-glance look at Michael Jackson in the news: Jackson last wish was to be a magnet and settle in Shropshire.

ANYONE want to knows what Michael Jackson’s “LAST WISH” was?

The NoTW says “secret notes” have been found in the star’s home.

MYSTERIOUS messages written by Michael Jackson in his final hours – revealed today for the first time – show the singer’s bizarre state of mind before his drug addiction killed him.

Because when a man is off his faces on drugs and on the brink of death what he says can be taken as gospel?

The notes, written on Post It paper and stuck to a mirror at Chez Jacko. The notes that might have been written by Jackson, or not, with Tabloid Translator:

Note 1

Jacko Says: “I am so grateful that I am a magnet for miracles.”
Tabloid Says: “Pals believe it shows that Jacko was already trying to seek help for his prescription drugs addiction.”

The “magnet for miracles” phrase is used in US self-help programmes for recovering alcoholics to give them back self-esteem. US author and talk show host Dr Joan Hangarter – who coined the phrase and wrote a book called The Miracle Makers Club – believes the more you say it to yourself the better your chances of making things go your way.

Anorak Says: Michael Jackson’s nose always pointed due north.

Note 2

Jacko Says: “Love, no violence ever! – Remember a beautiful future promise of tomorrow.”
Tabloid Says: “I think this reveals how positive Michael was until the last. He was such a sweet natured man who saw the good in everyone. The note about a beautiful future is especially sad as it shows how he was looking forward to a successful, happy life.”

Anorak Says: Jackson dreamt of working for Hallmarks cards.

Note 3

Jacko Says: “Do We Are The World in show”.
Tabloid Says: “That’s – a reference to the smash-hit charity single he recorded with 60-year-old soul legend Lionel Ritchie in 1985.”
Anorak Says: Jermaine’s show?

Note 4

Jacko Says: “Call Temperton”
Tabloid Says: The note “is scrawled on a blue Post-it note – referring to British songwriter and producer Rod Temperton, 62, who co-wrote several Jackson songs including Thriller and Rock With You.”
Anorak Says: Jacko was looking to settle in the Telford and Newport region and was calling Temperton & Temperton estate agents.

More to follow…

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