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Michael Jackson’s Secret Sister JohVonnie Tells All

by | 14th, September 2009

jackson-scarecrowIN “MY PAIN BY JACKO’S SECRET LOVERDaily Mirror readers meet Michael Jackson’ssecret sister” JohVonnie, who “reveals her pain at being shunned by half-siblings”.

It’s “Sad Jo”:

Michael Jackson’s secret sister today tells of her heartache at being shunned by her famous family for 35 years. JohVonnie Jackson, whose mum was a lover of Jacko’s dad Joe, is close to her father and amazingly gets on with family matriarch Katherine.

Shunned has become something else, and then we get:

“None of my other siblings acknowledged me much.”

So, perhaps, not shunned, just not fully embraced? By the time the article finishes, Johvonnie could be sat in a hot tub at the Jackson compound, braiding Paris Jackson’s and signing official merchandise.

But almost all JohVonnie’s well-known brothers and sisters treat her as an outcast… La Toya would ignore her in shops.

You can see Officer La Toya in Walmart, as an amateur store detective dressed in a baseball cap that doubles as a satellite dish and sporting breasts that can sense fear, out-of-date milk and propofol.

Says Mum-of-one JohVonnie:

“I feel rejected by some of my family. It’s upsetting and hurtful.”

If she can carry a tune, JohVonnie can always contact Jermaine Jackson and add her name to the bill for the next Michael Jackson afterlife show.

In other Jackson news, we venture to the 12th annual Harpole Scarecrow Festival:

Michael Jackson, SpongeBob SquarePants and Superman were some of the unusual designs of scarecrow seen in a Northamptonshire village during the weekend.

Entertaining til the last.

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