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Gladiator Haunted By Katie Price’s Rapist

by | 18th, September 2009

gladiator-ace-and-katieGOOD news for amateur detectives investigating the identity of the “very famous” celebrity who raped Katie Price.

Because no news is good news.

Police investigation into Katie Price rape claim stalls after she refuses to co-operate

No investigation:

Detectives are unlikely to investigate a claim by model Katie Price that she was raped unless she co-operates with them.

No information:

Surrey Police said officers ‘lack substantiated information’ about allegations made by the 31-year-old that she was raped by a mystery celebrity.

No crime:

A spokesman said an ‘incident’ has been recorded but Price must speak to them if they are to formally record a crime and start an inquiry.

But this is a celebrity so the Celebrity Police Force leaps into action. As the police continuity announcer says. Ahem:

“Surrey Police treats all reports of sexual offences very seriously and investigates them thoroughly, encouraging anyone who may have been a victim to come forward and providing specialist officers to support them. Based on our inquiries and the lack of substantiated information – particularly around locations and dates of any allegations – we have recorded an incident, but due to its very historic nature we are dependent on Miss Price’s co-operation to formally record a crime and continue any investigation. Should any new information come to light, it will be diligently investigated and this position may be reviewed.”

Followed by photo opportunity and heated debate in CFP canteen. And more facts:

A visit:

Because Katie is a celeb and makes a claim about being raped in OK! magazine, the CFP pop over to her home for a natte, and a look around.

A crime is discovered:

But a crime has been detected. As Sky News reports:

Hundreds of Twitter users risk being sued for libel after speculating about the name of Katie Price’s alleged rapist, lawyers have said.

To recap:

The name of an alleged rapist put forward by people with Twitter accounts, and, apparently, repeated in the national press, added to by an innocent former Gladiator called Ace – all based on the alleged rape of a woman who won’t tell us anymore about it – may result in anyone repeating the allegation being sued. So says a lawyer not hired by the man who might have etc…

You want more facts?

Daytime talk show host Matthew Wright today laughed off suggestions that he would repeat his past mistake in blurting out the name of the celebrity who allegedly raped Katie Price. In 2002, Wright let slip John Leslie’s name on air as the man suspected of raping Ulrika Jonsson. But today, on his TV show The Wright Stuff, he responded live on air to a question from the London Lite asking if he was likely to reveal the name at the centre of the Katie Price allegations. He laughed and, turning to the camera, joked: “They expect me to reply?” swiftly moving on to the next item.

No court case resulted from that. Because – maybe, just maybe – he’s sticking to the facts… As the BBC says:

Price not quizzed over rape claim

No news, you see. Meanhwile Ace The Gladiator delves into his memory banks:

JORDAN’S ex-fiancé is tormented by the fear that he once accused her of cheating on him with the rape-claim celebrity. Former Gladiator Ace, real name Warren Furman, confronted Katie Price after finding the man’s name and number on her pink mobile.


He screamed at her that she must have slept with the celeb, who had a “notorious” reputation as a womaniser, and threatened to ring him.

A clue… We are looking for a famous celebrity womansier with a phone…

Katie went white and shaky, pulled a quilt over her and lay sobbing. At the time Warren took this as an admission she had let herself be SEDUCED by the man. But now he wonders if it was a reaction to being RAPED by him.

Says Warren:

“Seeing his name was like a red rag to a bull. He had a notorious reputation in showbiz for being a serious player, a serial sh***er. I screamed at her and walked out. But now, after hearing about her rape claim, I’m haunted by the fear that she reacted like that because of what that man had done to her.”

More facts to follow…

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