Anorak News | Michael Jackson Pollutes Officer La Toya’s Crime Scene With Sulphur Hexafluoride

Michael Jackson Pollutes Officer La Toya’s Crime Scene With Sulphur Hexafluoride

by | 20th, September 2009

6008470DID you know that Michael Jackson “didn’t like Pepsi”; that he had a deep voice; and that Officer La Toya Jackson takes care with her plate?

You know Pepsi, the one who held Shirley back? And not only that, but Jackson didn’t like the the drinks brand called Pepsi, the one he worked for when his hair caught fire, the treatment for which, as popular conjecture goes, began his descent into the drug abuse that finally killed him.

Well, story goes that Jackson was not all that keen on Pepsi Cola. What are the odds?

I hate Pepsi. I hated doing that dumb commercial,” Jackson reportedly said during a taped interview with the ghost writer of his autobiography Moonwalk.

“The only thing I liked about it was working with the children.”

More from Moonwalk:

NoTW: “Hear secret Michael Jackson tapes – Shock Neverland tapes reveal what Jacko really thought about family”

That’s Jackson sounding like Darth Vader passing a kidney stone (see later)

MICHAEL Jackson made a series of blistering attacks on his family in secret taped interviews, we can reveal.

The singer branded his brothers in the Jackson 5 LAZY MOANERS who just sat around relying on him to make them money. One by one he dubbed them DULL, a COPYCAT, a WOMANISER and ARGUMENTATIVE. Then he bitched about sisters La Toya and Janet.

Can you guess who is which?

ON LA TOYA: “To me she is Mrs Nice and Nasty. I come in her room (and she says), ‘You can’t sit on her couch, sit on the bed or walk on the carpet’, She wants to keep everything fresh. If you cough at the table she covers her plate. If you sneeze forget it, she’s in another room. If you clear your throat, you can’t do that while she is eating.”

This is Officer La Toya Jackson. She cannot have potential evidence being polluted. Officer La Toya of the LaPD is working on a homicide case right now: Michael’s.

ON DAD JOE: “I would suffer if I had to spend a whole day with him. He would sit in a chair with a belt or a switch and we’d do our performance. And if we messed up he hit you.”

Digital Spy: “Janet Jackson has revealed that she always had her brother’s ‘back’.”

Which explains why he was so limber.

Stuff (NZ) :”Michael Jackson “talked tough” and had a deep voice.”

According to one of the late pop superstar’s closest friends, concert promoter David Gest, Michael’s real voice was heavy and powerful and nothing like the high-pitched whimper he used when speaking publicly.

David, 56, is making a documentary called ‘My Best Friend Michael’ which he promises will show this real side of the ‘Thriller’ singer.

I’m showing an interview I did with Michael that shows him talking in his real voice, like, ‘C’mon David, let’s get it done now.’ “

Mimicking Michael’s famous high-pitched tone, he added: “You know – he doesn’t talk like, ‘Hi, how are you?’ He talks very, very tough. I’m telling you the truth.”

Was Michael Jackson addicted to sulphur hexafluroide and helium?

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