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Jaycee Dugard Copycat Attacker Strikes In California

by | 27th, September 2009

jaycee-dugard-missingJAYCEE Dugard: How the Jaycee Dugard story is being turned into media shorthand – a benchmark for stolen children – even those who haven’t been taken…

FOX 40: “Attempted Kidnapping of 11-year-old from Sacramento County Park”

Jaycee Dugard is now the media’s benchmark for stolen children:

An 11-year-old girl was safe Saturday night, after a strange man tried to snatch her from Howe Avenue Park.

Selma Hernandez is talking:

“I was walking, and he just grabbed me by the arm and he started pulling me over there,” Selma [Hernandez] said. “I tried to let go, but he like, grabbed the rest of me. Then he let go and ran to my mom.”

The media arrives. So, Selma…

“That must’ve been very scary for you. What was that like?” reporter Rowena Shaddox asked.

“How does it feel to be grabbed by a strange man in the park?” asks the hack. How does it feel is the media’s mainstay question.

“Shocking,” Selma answered.

And shocking for her mother as well. Sonya Hernandez was grateful her daughter was alright, but couldn’t help thinking of what could’ve happened, with 11-year-old kidnap victim Jaycee Dugard still fresh in her mind.

Jaycee Dugard – how the media spreads the fear…

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