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Vanessa George: The Full Story In Pictures

by | 2nd, October 2009

ALL eyes on Vanessa George, the nursery paedophile who along with Angela Allen, and Colin Blanchard has admitted to distributing and making indecent pictures of children. The Sun delivers the news in tautological pros. But this story tells itself, no embellishments needed.

The Front-Page Headlines:

“We all just want to skin her and roast her in salt – Parents sickened by nursery abuse gang” – Metro

“Evil paedophiles who prayed on nursery children” – Daily Express

“Facebook fiends – they abused kids and competed with each other to take the sickest possible photos, swapping them on the net. Yesterday all three met for the first time…in the dock” – Daily Mirror

“Agony for hundreds of families at abuse nursery – woman at centre of Facebook paedophile ring refuses to name her victims” – Daily Mail

The “big bubbly” nursery worker at centre of child sex ring – The Times

“Cruel snub by nursey sex beats” – Daily Star

Getting To Know The Guilty:

The Sun: “Judge tells monster: Name your victims”

George used the internet to trawl for illicit sex behind her husband’s back. She told men she wanted “no strings fun” and texted graphic photos of herself. One man who met her on Facebook told The Sun: “She was up for anything.”

Blanchard was a serial fantasist who rented James Bond-style sports cars so he could park them on his drive. He lived way beyond his means – sending his five-year-old daughter to private school. In reality he drove a Volvo S60 and and ran a small business buying and selling computer equipment in Manchester. Neighbours would call him “Billy Bulls***”.

Allen posed on the internet in a skimpy see-through top and boasted she thought about sex “95 per cent of the time”. Neighbours spoke of seeing a stream of young men calling at the house.

Local News:

This Is Nottingham: “Evil” Bulwell woman’s web child abuse shame

Neighbours of Allen were so disgusted they wanted to petrol bomb her house, in Nine Acre Gardens, according to Lee Wells, who lived next door. “Others wanted to grab hold of her,” he added. “You do not want it happening around your area.”

Allen’s old house now has grey metal grills over the windows and doors.
Tracey Edwards, 37, said: “She’s not welcome back here. Things like this make me feel sick.”

The Facebook Factor:

Telegraph: “Nursery worker Vanessa George: ‘devilish’ alliance after chance Facebook meeting”

Blanchard posted details on Facebook of his own history of being abused as a child by a relative. Like many who have suffered as a child, he had grown up to become the abuser. Far from being a plea for help, his posting was carefully placed bait. Some 230 miles away in Plymouth, “Vee George” responded.

When Anroak published the victim’s tesitmony in the Roman Polanski case, some readers said it was gratuitous, titilation. We published to show the facts that had triggered media firestorm. But nothing can be gained from publishing facts on this case:

The Daily Telegraph has seen transcripts of some of the hundreds of hours of disturbing sex chat in which the trio spoke freely of child rape, bestiality and child abduction.

Almost all of the conversations are too explicit to publish.

Well, yes.

Facebook The Enabler:

Daily Mirror: Dark face of sharing

This distressing case exposed the dark side of social networking sites such as Facebook on which the three perverts met… We oppose general censorship yet believe more stringent safeguards are necessary.

So they met on Facebook. That’s the story that this the internet keywords and makes everyone with a computer vulnerable, or potential paedo…

But police believe they met on a child porn site and later communicated through Facebook.


Det Supt Adrian Pearson, of Nottinghamshire Police, said: “The thing that puzzles us all is how on earth did these three people meet on Facebook, which is accessed by millions of people across the world?

“How did three people get connected on Facebook and somehow get on to such depraved, awful topics of conversation that led to sex assault of children, betrayal of trust, depravity, awful crimes being commissioned and exchanged between the three of them?”

Watching The Pain. Look at the parents. Look. Look. Look:

Daily Mirror: “WE FEEL SICK 24 HOURS A DAY”

The mum, in her 30s, says she first noticed something was wrong when her children became withdrawn and started wetting the bed. But she only realised why when police told her about the allegations.

She said officers were able to give all parents a “criteria” list of children who had been most at risk – those under three who attended the nursery between certain dates. They also gave possible symptoms that victims of the abuse might show.

The mum said: “My children meet all those criteria. They are withdrawn, showing bad behaviour and wetting themselves. I am devastated. I have to make sure she doesn’t affect the rest of my kids’ lives. It has been a very emotional ordeal since day one. Every parent’s worst nightmare.”

The Tabloid Tale:

Who needs facts when you can imagine..?

Daily Mail: “Facebook strangers bound by depravity”

Paul Harris “reports”:

Day after day, they waved goodbye to their children and blew kisses at the nursery door. They usually stayed for a few moments to watch them settle in, making sure they were happy before leaving them confidently in Vanessa George’s care.

All the mothers knew the 39-year-old classroom assistant. She had seen a generation of local children through nursery school and socialised in the evenings with some of their parents.

So nothing about her raised any doubt that the youngsters were in safe hands. But one day last June, everything changed.
They had been sending their little sons and daughters into the arms of a monster.

The story of three paedophiles needs no embellishment. For any sane person, the facts are enough…

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