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Gordon Brown Fixes Adam Boulton With A Paddington Bear Stare

by | 2nd, October 2009

brown-paddingtonHUGO Rifkind is writing on the Madness of Gordon Brown, a politican who has being paying heed to the master: Paddington Bear.

We are bullying Gordon Brown to mental collapse – We may regret our attitude to the Prime Minister once he’s gone.

Well, yes. as Anorak said when George Bush made his goodbyes and pushed the pull door to contentment, ‘You’ll miss him when he’s gone.’

And Bush was bullied wasn’t he, portrayed as a dunce, a thicko who kept reading as the Twin Towers collapsed. Channel 4 even fantasized about him being murdered. Says Hugo:

I started thinking it last weekend when Andrew Marr asked the PM, effectively, if he was on antidepressants. Setting aside the curious assumption in the question (that if we did have a depressed PM, it would somehow be better if he wasn’t taking anything), you have to wonder what Marr hoped to gain by asking it.

Well, that wasn’t the question that was asked. But if you can’t find an ounce of comedy in Gordon Brown – the last man to know – then you need to look again.

In this clip Gordon goes for Paddington Bear stare and a quick escape – and misses:

He taught himeveythign he knows (around 4 minutes):

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