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Katie Price And Alex Reid Caught Doing It 50 Times A Day

by | 3rd, October 2009

7857102NEWS of Katie Price is that cage fighter Alex Reid is “AT IT 50 TIMES A DAY”.

No, he’s not at “it” – signing autographs as ‘Best Wishes Dean Gaffney’. No. Alex is at the big “it”. You know – it:

“Begging her to wed him that is.”

That’s right’s – twice an hour and on the dot of noon and midnight Alex Reid imbed his knee in a man’s armpit and asks Jordan to marry him.

The Star knows:

KATE Price fears new lover Alex Reid is “obsessed” with her because he begs her to marry him 50 times a day and pleads for a baby.

How often Alex pleads for baby is unsaid, but it might be often:

The cage-fighter, 34, has offered to spend all his savings on an engagement ring and is even getting an image of her tattooed on his back.

This way Reid will afford his fight opponent an image of a looming Katie as he jumps from the cage side onto their prone bodies. Pete Andre may well empathise. Men will tremble.

Alex spoke out about the way he feels about Kate on her new ITV2 show screened on Thursday. He said: “When we look at each other at night and cuddle – that is real, that is magic. That is a unity that transcends all the rubbish.”

Katie Price: “Shut up Alex. God, I’m going to hear about this all night now.”

It’s Peter Andre Mark II. An exchange follows:

Alex Reid: “I love you. I am prepared to die for you.”

Kate Price: “That’s so sweet, thank you.”

If they string it out for another eight weeks, they’ve got a TV series, right there.

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