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Vanessa George: All The News And Opinions

by | 4th, October 2009

fat-paedoALL the news on Vanessa George, the nursery paedophile who along with Angela Allen, and Colin Blanchard distributed and made indecent pictures of children.

News of The World: In “Our Mum The Monster”, the News of The World introduces Vanessa George’s family.

Andrew George is pictured with daughters Grace and Pearl. Says Andrew:

“I call her monster now. And the kids don’t want anything to do with her.”

Now I see her as cold, calculating scum – and I don’t want her to ever see our kids again.”

Although she can see them – in the tabloids.

A typical day:

“She was brilliant with kids. She got that nursery place through Ofsted reports. She was even doing work courses on how to spot child sex abuse earlier this year…

“I remember her watching news programmes, and if a paedophile came on screen she would stand up and shout ‘f****ing b*****d, cut his f*****ing balls off’.


“I call her the monster now. She’s evil. Pure evil. And the kids don’t want anything to do with her.”

And Vanessa George is not only peadophile – she’s a fat peado – which is even worse:

When sat there sending her vile pictures to her sidekicks, George’s bulk would protude from the room so the door had to be kept open.

The People leads with a picture of “The Monster At Work”, a shot ofVanessa George with some children and adults in a field.

Vile paedophile Vanessa “Vee” George looked after babies and children in her own home, a former childminding pal has revealed.

Vile peadophiles… Is there another sort? After news of the tautological, more fear spreading in the Mirror:


Back in the People, there is more views as news:

Last night shocked former friend Patricia Gilbery said: “When I think about what may have happened to those poor kids it makes me sick to my stomach. God only knows what went on in that house. That woman is evil.”

More on evil later, but for now, let’s just speculate on how much worse  the story of a woman who sexually abused babies can be:

It remains unclear whether the children George cared for at home were abused but Patricia, 55, said: “I’m convinced terrible things happened to those children in that house.”

Let’s imagine how worse it can be.

A former Ted’s Nursery colleague of George says the twisted nurse was besotted with Blanchard and planned to leave her husband and teenage daughters for a new life with him.

Sickened Lynn Newcombe said: “We had no idea what a monster he was, she just said he was a businessman with money. She was totally besotted with him and said ‘We are going to run away together’. We thought it was just another of her fantasies but now we know what was really going on it makes my stomach heave.”

In the Mirror, more heresay:

“Andrew has spoken quite a lot about the night the police came,” said former co-worker Isaura Coburn.

“Vanessa told him [husband Andrew] there were a few girls in there who wanted to glass her – but apart from that she wasn’t having a hard time. She said she was writing poetry and had a few friends – her best friend inside was a woman who’d killed a child in a hit-and-run. She moaned that she missed sex and seems to think when she gets out she will be able to live quietly in her caravan. She has no idea just how angry people are.”

Paedo doesn’t think she did anything wrong. Read all about it. Does a paedo ever think they have done wrong in their Brave New World? Vanessa George is not alone in misreading the situaition:

Sunday Mercury, Lorne Jackson:

I wonder if Polanski’s friends would also defend the right to freedom of Vanessa George, the perverted nursery nurse who abused so many children and babies …

The Times, Minette Martin: “Glitterati throw their ugly halos around Roman Polanski”

If Vanessa George, the nursery school paedophile convicted last week, were somehow to escape from justice here and stay safely in some other country for 30 or so years and turn during that time into a celebrated writer or film maker, lionised internationally for her talent and charm, I wonder what her glittering friends would say then, in 2040, about her terrible crimes of today. Would they insist that she is such an outstandingly gifted person and a delightful friend that no one should now hound her back to justice for what she did?

Having made a link between the case of a man who raped a 13-year-old girl – not rape-rape; more rape-rape-rape – and a paedophile who absued samll children with they who raped them, we begin a debate on evil:

Irish Independent: “It was good to hear ‘evil’ being used to describe George case – But parents have been left in anguish by the abuser’s refusal to identify her victims, writes Patricia Redlich.”

It was good to hear the British police force use the word “evil” in connection with the case. It’s a word no longer used by secular society, which shies away from its religious connotations. Even strong believers shun it. In our touchy-feely world it sounds too harsh, too uncompromising, too fundamentalist. Instead we think solely in terms of people being misguided, requiring understanding, in need of counselling. And we entirely miss the point.

Well, no. Evil is pretty much the stock phrase in the context of paedophiles. (Karen Matthews was evil.)

Herald Scotland, Rachelle Money: “Facing up to the evil that woman do.”

Scotland On Sunday, Dan Garavelli: “When the face of evil is female”

Women as paedophiles is not new news. See the story of Jaycee Dugard.

But how common is it?

The Guardian: “Up to 64,000 women in UK ‘are child-sex offenders'”


Researchers from the Lucy Faithfull Foundation (LFF), a child protection charity that deals with British female sex offenders, said its studies confirmed that a “fair proportion” of child abusers were women. Donald Findlater, director of research and development, said results indicated that up to 20% of a conservative estimate of 320,000 suspected UK paedophiles were women.

So not a fact – more an impression formed by a vested interest group and released as a fact with the Vanessa George story at its height.

The Guardian, Barbara Ellen: “Vanessa George case shows armchair paedophiles are just as guilty”

There’s little point debating the inherent morality of the internet itself, which is the same as a gun; only as “good” or “evil” as the person using it. But the George case shines a torch into another dark corner – how the sheer ease of the internet has created new, less obvious kinds of paedophile.
Indeed, ask the question “would George, an active abuser, have assaulted children in a bygone, internet-free era?” and the answer would be: maybe, maybe not. However, ask whether people who merely click on child abuse images would have indulged in paedophile behaviour in, say, the 1950s, and the answer is “unlikely”, erring on “definitely not”. So there you have it – the face of paedophilia 2009, not just the insatiable, driven monster of legend, but another kind of creature – casual, part-time, “only looking”, probably easily scared off. And they have it all too easy.

Aside from porn, the other big hit on the web is celebrity.


FACEBOOK paedophile Colin Blanchard stalked a child telly star after becoming obsessed.

A celebrity element – yes, that’s what’s needed to make this story really travel…

All the pictures fit to print

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