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Guardian Closely Examines Sarah Brown’s Seat Of Power

by | 8th, October 2009

sarah-brownWE are waiting for Samantha Cameron to do a Sarah Brown, rising to the lectern to tell us that her husband is a really good bloke, that she made the right choice in marrying him, how each day he wakes to run the flag up his morning glory and gets on with the job of pained fretting and caring about you.

In the meantime, let’s enjoy this highlight from the Guardian’s Andy Beckett, whose opinion of Sarah Brown is:

Over the past year, as her husband and his government have struggled painfully and sunk in popularity, Sarah Brown has followed a startlingly different trajectory. From being an awkward, near-silent, old-fashioned political consort, she has metamorphosed into a truly modern public figure: talkative, empathetic, informal but infinitely connected, ubiquitous as any celebrity, an avid exploiter of new digital media, an expert assembler of charitable and political coalitions, and an expert blurrer of the lines between them. She has become arguably the most admired and powerful woman in Britain. She might even be the last hope for Labour.

Sarah Brown has worked in brand management and PR…

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