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How Will Hamas TV’s Furries Mascot Nassur Die?

by | 9th, October 2009

pioneeers-of-tomorrowHOW will Hamas TV furry Nassur die? Nassur the bear is the star of Pioneers of Tomorrow, the hit show that takes hit after hit after hit?

HAMAS TV’s furries show Role of Honour – The Stuffed:

Farfour – The big lovable mouse was murdered by the Israelis, who are no friends to enlightened mice.

Nahoul – Huge bumble bee killed by the Israelis who would not allow him to travel to Egypt for an opertaion on his enlarged heart.

Assud – Massive white bunny whose eyes wer bigger than his tum-tum – “I will eat all the Jews!” – died when Israelis bombed his TV studio.

Nassur will be killed when in a search for food his head gets stick in a huge pot of honey fashioned from a mortar shell. The Israelis use his as a pretence to open fire. He will then be shagged to death by a convention of furry enthusiasts.

The next mascot witll be something friendly and on self-destruct. “Welcome to Gazza“…


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