Anorak News | In Pictures: Reka Urban Wins Miss Plastic Surgery Title

In Pictures: Reka Urban Wins Miss Plastic Surgery Title

by | 11th, October 2009

reka-urban-homeHURRAH for Reka Urban, aka Rika Urban, in the form of her life as she wins the inaugural Miss Plastic Hungary, beating off stiff and some would say immobile competition from Edina Kulcsar, Alexandra Horvath, a mute woman who tuned out to be a mannequin (later banned for nudity) and Squadron Leader Archibald Hartle, DSO, AC/DC retired.

Reka’s surgeon, Dr. Mária Czeglédi, also wins  a prize. And Jocleyn Wildenstein is rumoured to be delighted and ready.

The rules are simple: each contestant must be 18 years old – taking an average of the sum of her parts – have undergone at least one bout of plastic surgery. And, no, Botox and collagen injections do not count as surgery. You need to have endured a knife.

Before Rika can go for the big one – the Hollywood Swab Bowl – she must collect her trophy, a huge gonorrhoea umbrella fashioned into an oversized stick of broccoli.

It’s the trophy you can put on the mantelpiece, in the bathroom cabinet or prune in the garden. When Rika is away, Old Mr Anorak has volunteered to pop in and water it.

Of course, this being plastic surgery trophy, there is hope that it can be altered, radically, perhaps into a cup, a bowl or gargantuan set of novelty metallic breasts on a key fob, or novelty earlobe.

Anyhow, here are the pictures. Reka is the one on the right. Although by now she may look like the one on the left.

Pictures – The temptation to picture all women as the same person has been resited because they come in two moulds: blonde and less blonde…

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