Anorak News | Peter Andre And Katie Price: Pete Stops Son Talking To ‘Gay’ Alex Reid

Peter Andre And Katie Price: Pete Stops Son Talking To ‘Gay’ Alex Reid

by | 14th, October 2009

7857102MORE news on Katie Price, who having risen to fame as Mrs Peter Andre is pictured on the cover of the Daily Star canoodling in a swimming pool or large bath tub from Ideal Standard’s Essex Range with Alex Reid, the cross-dressing cage fighter.

There is “JORDAN HUNK SENSATION”, and we learn via the Star:

“I make love to Kate dressed as a women.”

Kate Price’s lover says he only slaps on feminine gear for “special occasions” and is very “proud” of who he is.

Good to know that squiring Katie is still special and has not become routine. As we know, a lack of sexual positions is most likely what drove a wedge between Katie and Peter Andre.

Says Alex:

“I’m very gay, I love cross-dressing… It’s a laugh. So what? There are wars happening everywhere and people care about this? Give me a break.”

Hey, Alex, this is how wars start. Things can escalate. One day you’re wearing a skirt, the next your Jewish tailor says your bum looks big in it and before you know it you’re overcompensating by invading Poland.

“If I go out and wear a dress, so f***ing what? I’m proud of who I am, bring it on. I bet loads of people who slag me off for this are harbouring some desire that they’re too scared to admit or experience.”

And with that Alex is shoo-in for Celebrity Cross-Dressers, the show in which Alex pins down men while Trinny ‘The Tranny’ Woodall slips gropes their breasts and slips them into a comfy bra.

But what about the kidzzz? I Reid is on the telly at the same time as Katie and Pete, the little mites may flick themselves into a stupor. Reid tells OK magazine:

“Junior did actually once call me ‘dad’. Of course, I corrected him immediately. I said, ‘No I’m not daddy, I’m Alex’. As much as I’d love to be his father, he has a dad. I’ve bonded with Junior like you would not believe. He wants me to put him to bed, rather than Kate.”

The former Hollyoaks actor also discussed the dispute that allegedly occurred when he tried to speak to Junior by telephone while the child was staying at Andre’s house in August.

He explained: “[Katie] shouted through, ‘[Junior] wants to speak to you!’ And I said, ‘Are you sure?’ because I thought, I don’t want to be disrespectful to Pete’s position at all. But Junior was asking and asking. So I picked up the phone and said, ‘Hello Junior!’ and there was Pete’s voice on the other end, ‘Nah it’s not happening, mate’.

“I told him I was totally cool with that and let him have a go at me a bit. He said, ‘Stop playing happy family with my kids. You’re probably an alright guy, but I don’t want it’.

What about playing mum?

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