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Amazing Last Pictures Of Stephen Gately

by | 17th, October 2009

7933328NOT everyone waited until Stephen Gately was buried to throw mud. The tabloid media jumped the gun and Jan Moir set out to prove why not a single hack has been made a UN Goodwill ambassador.

Now Gately has been laid to rest, the tabloids that made themselves the subject of the story can refocus on the dead star. And today the News of The World has pictures of Gately on the night of his demise.

THIS is Boyzone star Stephen Gately just hours before his shock death – captured on CCTV entering a gay club in Majorca (below right).

Not any old club, mind, but a gay club.

The 33-year-old singer, pictured with husband Andy Cowles, looks carefree and sober. As thousands mourned Stephen at his Dublin funeral, a barman at the club revealed: “He only had one drink. . . he was NOT drunk.”

It doesn’t matter if he was drunk or not, unless you’ve read the tabloid narrative and ignored the coroner’s report and concluded that he died from unnatural causes, in which case his blood-alcohol levels are of paramount importance.

Our heartbreak final video of the star – just hours before his death – confound wild rumours that he got “totally trashed” on an eight-hour booze binge.

Wild rumours, like those mentioned in the Sun, the News of The World’s stable mate which delivered the factual and not-in-the-least-bit-wild headline:

Stephen killed by 8hr binge

And the Mirror’s:

Stephen Gately choked to death on his own vomit

Go on:

The Boyzone star was captured on CCTV footage as he entered a gay disco bar with his civil partner Cowles – both looking completely sober and happy.

Not any old disco bar, mind, but a gay disco bar.

The dramatic images, obtained exclusively by the News of the World, may finally give comfort to his devastated family and friends.

How the press makes itself important. Stephen Gately is dead and his mourners will take comfort from seeing a grainy CCTV video of their relative and friend and the News of The World’s opinion that he looked “sober and happy”.

No, he didn’t look suicidal. He didn’t look depressed. He didn’t look stoned. No pills are seen. Were it not for the “gay bar”, he might not have looked gay.

The video shows they left at 12.33am. They then went to the Euphoria bar 50 yards away, where Stephen met up with jobless Bulgarian Georgi Dochev, 25, before heading across the road to the Black Cat club.

That jobless Bulgarian. Or, if you prefer, a student.

Stephen Gately has been buried – twice: once in the press and once in consecrated ground.

Pictures from his funeral are here.

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