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Hello Magazine Tuesday: Prince Harry And Chelsy Get Intimate

by | 20th, October 2009

helloIN this week’s Hello! magazine, we go on an intimate dinner with Prince Harry and Chelsy Davy, Myleene Klass introduces Baby K and at home with billionaire John Caudwell…


At a push, we’d say Harry won her in a tombola, first prize being a year’s supply of Flaming Lobes at the Boujis nightspot.

It turns out that Harry wooed fair-to-platinum maiden with an “intimate dinner for two”. Just Hal, Chels, three waiters, a wine waiter, 5 security guards and a chauffeur waiting for a doggy bag.

The dinner was at London eatery Beach Blanket Babylon, with Harry leaving his lover’s side only for a post-prandial cigarette. They later left the venue together to a riot of flashbulbs.

Then it was on to the Whisky Mist club, Mayfair, for a summit meeting with Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie.

Hello! readers aren’t told what the pair dined on, nor what they drank. But they do get pictures of Harry and Chelsy.

Harry looks to a have piled on bit of timber; and Chelsy looks increasingly like Amanda de Cadenet from the nose up and Viscount Linley from the nose down.


In case you think this is slim pickings from a front-page splash, Hello! asks Ingrid Stewart, editor of The Lady magazine, to decipher and explain.

“When harry met Chelsy, she was just a teenager. To the Prince, she was exotic and exiting.”

They are “soulmates”. Chelsy has a “convertible Mercedes”. Then:

“Harry loved Chelsy too much to dump her, so instead he pushed her away emotionally – then, if he felt he was losing her, pulled her back again.”

And there was young thinking he just fancied her and fancied a shag…

JOHN Caudwell and his partner Claire Johnson have opened to the doors to their gigantic Jacobean mansion, in today’s Hello! boast card.

John Caudwell is a billionaire. His lover is blonde. In four of five pictures of the couple, his hand is resting on his lover’s leg.

Says John:

“I found lumps in her left breast and insisted that she get them checked out.”

Lest you think John is always checking his lover for bumps, know that she was diagnosed with breast cancer and is duly showing Hello! around her massive pile:

“Now It’s doing this interview in the hope that it encourages more women – and men – to be diligent about their wellbeing.”

And here’s the massive indoor pool…

MYLEENE Klass, has a range of babywear out called “Baby K”.

It’s believed to be popular among the social services community, particularly in the north London area. Hello! looks on:

“Emerging like an exotic butterfly, in an emerald green pencil skirt and burgundy heels, her long tresses cascading over her dusky pink Elizabeth Emanuel blouse, it’s clear Myleene doesn’t do anything by halves.”

Baby K is “very rock chick”. So if you want your little Alfie or Princess Topaz to look like a dyed-blonde stoner whose been up all night, this is the label for you…

More from the world of Hello! every Tuesday.

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