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Nick Griffin On Question Time: Germans Declare War On British Fascists And BNP Jokes

by | 25th, October 2009

bnp11NICK Griffin BNP Watch: With Her Majesty The Queen, war with Germany, former KKK leader David Duke calls Griffin a ‘liar’, mother-in-law calls him a racist and the X Factor…

NoTW: “Queen fury at BNP – Queen fury at BNP Outrage at Nick Griffin Churchill hijacking”

If “non-indigenous” Britons had to go “home”, as the BNP wants, The Queen would have to return to Germany.

THE QUEEN has declared WAR on the BNP.

It’s Germany versus the BNP. Game on! Listen out for Prince Philip turning to Liz and saying:

“If we stay here much longer we’ll turn into one-eyed bigots.”

He’s Not Just A Bigot, He’s A Silly Boy


Bnp leader Nick Griffin has been branded a work-shy racist… by his mother-in-law. Muriel Cook, mum of Griffin’s wife Jackie, says he hardly ever worked when his children were young – and is merely hiding his vile views to win votes.

Muriel, a widow, says: “Nick is still a racist. He still holds those views – always has. He wants to see an all-white Britain, but that will never happen… he’s living in the Dark Ages.”

Hey, Nick will do the jokes:

Sick Griffin

Daily Mirror, Sick jokes & fillet steaks..

Nick Griffin was overheard cracking a sick joke about mass murderers Rose and Fred West – just 24 hours after his Question Time appearance. The BNP leader shocked hotel guests by drunkenly trying to persuade wife Jackie to visit the area where the Wests butchered their victims 20 years ago.

Holocaust denial. Islamophobia. Racism. Fair dos. It’s what we expect. But make a joke about the West and he is scum.

Mirror: “Poking fun at the blind”

Nick Griffin’s right-hand man cruelly mocked former minister David Blunkett for being blind.

His right-hand man… So he can raise two right hands at once?

Bnp deputy leader Simon Darby tried to make a joke of the ex-Home Secretary’s refusal to take part on a Sky programme last week if Griffin was a guest. He wrote on his blog: “For those of us with a sense of humour perhaps you might appreciate my initial response to having been told that David Blunkett would not share a studio with Nick. ‘Don’t tell him then’, was my suggestion, ‘he will not know the difference’.”

The Reactions

FT: “BBC deluged by calls after BNP chief goes on air”

How many is a deluge?

The BBC was deluged by more than 400 calls and e-mails after the leader of the far-right British National party appeared on its Question Time programme on Thursday night.

Points of View should be good.  But why not adapt the Strictly Come Dancing phone lines and allow viewers to register their votes?


RIGHT-wing friends Nick Griffin and former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke have fallen out in the wake of the humiliating Question Time appearance. The former Grand Wizard blasted Griffin’s shambolic performance on the show as “horrendous”.

A spokesman for 59-year-old Dr Duke said: “The impression was clearly given that Dr Duke was still a member of the organisation at that time. The truth is, he had left many years earlier and had already served a successful term as a Republican on the Louisiana state senate.”

Four years before his meeting with Griffin, Duke unsuccessfully ran for a seat on the US Senate.

His aide added: “Any statement that refers to Dr Duke being a member of the klan at the time is a blatant lie. He is very unhappy with this and is considering what course of action, legal and otherwise, to take.”

The Guardian: “Nick Griffin attacked by his own BNP supporters over Question Time”

As a public postmortem into one of the most divisive broadcasts in the corporation’s history attempted to gauge its impact on the party’s fortunes, Lee Barnes, the BNP’s legal officer, accused Griffin of “failing to press the attack” during the televised debate…

The Opinions

Mirror, Fiona McIntosh: “The Nasty Nick Show ..why we needed it”

Because it gives columnists something other than the X Factor and their kids to write about?

But as 8.2million people saw on Thursday night, Nick Griffin isn’t an evil genius. He is a clammy little man, too thick to string an argument together.
Watching him twitch and shake as he was annihilated by his own toxic quotes made gripping TV. His unsubstantiated bullshit might wash among his thick-necked flunkeys, but it was shot down in flames by the Question Time panellists.

The Observer: “My week Armando Iannucci”

The BNP’s Nick Griffin was coming to do his “I’m not denying there was a Holocaust, all I’m saying is I think it was just policing that got out of hand” routine two floors below me. David Dimbleby was receiving his inoculation, the building was being fumigated and, as crowds gathered below and looked ready to jump anyone carrying a BBC look on their face, I was wondering whether I was going to get home to watch the BNP’s inarticulate phobic frump get the perfectly fair hearing he’s entitled to.

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