Anorak News | Katie Price: Peter Andre’s ‘Sham’ Marriage, Alex Reid’s New Jordan And Tabloid ‘Lies’

Katie Price: Peter Andre’s ‘Sham’ Marriage, Alex Reid’s New Jordan And Tabloid ‘Lies’

by | 26th, October 2009
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pa-79578171KATIE Price Watch: Katie heads to Afghanistan, Alex Reid heads home, Peter Andre’s songs, Amy Price speaks truth and a new Jordan…

Katie Mum Tells The Truth

Daily Mirror: “My fury at Peter by Katie’s mother – PETE WAS SO COLD TO KATIE”

Pete, who looks like you could fry an egg on his torso, is cold?

She’s kept a dignified silence over the acrimonious break-up of her daughter’s Katie Price’s marriage.

Dignity is word much used and used in the tale of Katie and Peter.

She said: “I’m so angry and somebody has to start sticking up for Kate. As much as I don’t want to say anything, people have to hear the truth.”

The troof is?

But she said that several months before the break-up, she was stunned at lyrics Peter had written for his new album. She said: “It was about failing relationships and he was continually running her down. I thought maybe this was what songwriters did, but then I thought, ‘Hang on, how could he do that?’ “They were still married and it was just wrong, not normal. It was almost as if the last year was all pre-planned and little more than a sham.”

Anyone else anything to add?


JORDAN has been branded a “nasty selfish bitch” by her best friend of 15 years. Michelle Clack, 30, was chief bridesmaid for Kate when she wed Peter Andre.

(Clack. Is this more nominative determinism at work?)

But now she says her pal is a “monster” and a “shameless liar who needs serious therapy”.

Afghanistan Or Bust

The People: “Jordan off to Afghanistan to give troops a boost”

Glamour girl Katie Price will be flown out to Afghanistan to give a tremendous morale boost to our troops on the frontline.

Our Katie can give the troops a lift. Fact. Want more facts?


An insider said: “Her bid was considered like all the others the MoD gets from celebrities… They looked at her lifestyle and felt her current image was not something they wanted to be involved with. She never really stood a chance. Let’s just say it was all thought to be a bit too tacky.”

The Books, Always The Mucky Books (surely mucking out? – Ed?)

The Sun: “Fans riot at Jordan book signing”

HUNDREDS of fans flooded into a store to meet Jordan – and left the place looking a shambles. Books went flying from shelves as they jostled to meet the 31-year-old model at WHSmith.

Many among the estimated 2,000 waited NINE HOURS to see Jordan, who was signing copies of her new book Standing Out: My Look, My Style, My Life at the MetroCentre in Gateshead, Tyne & Wear.

You can read our review of the tome here.

Police helped control the fans, but Jordan also had 25 security guards, including pals of lover Alex Reid.

The Alex Reid Affair

Having billed Alex Reid as Katie’s lover, the sun tells readers:

The Sun: “Fighter begs Jordan for mercy over ‘split’”

TEARFUL Alex Reid yesterday BEGGED Jordan for a second chance after she booted him out of her house, The Sun can reveal. The cross-dressing cage-fighter – who we revealed on Saturday had been obsessed with a Thai ladyboy – held crisis talks at the model’s home pleading with her not to end their three-month relationship.

The Sun hears a source says how Katie went “berserk” over news that Alex had once met this Ladyboy.

Or as named source tells us – and note that this is the same Katie Price who said she loved daring sex and Alex’s non-holds barred sexiness:

Last night – speaking at the family home in Aldershot, Hants – Alex’s dad Bob said: “He is fine, he is staying with us for a few days. He and Katie have not split up, he would have told me if they had.”


But the glamour model said it was “all lies” and that she and Alex “can’t wait” to be together when her book tour ends.

Metro: “Alex Reid has fun with a new Jordan…”

A picture of Alex with a blonde. And news:

Reid then signed autographs for fans – including 23-year-old Rebecca Jordan – before leaving at about 4am. He was dropped of at Price’s Sussex home to be reunited with his lover, who had been busy in Glasgow with a book signing.

More Katie Price facts, non-facts and PR-driven nonsense every day…


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