Anorak News | BNP Runs ‘British Heritage’ Office In Burnley

BNP Runs ‘British Heritage’ Office In Burnley

by | 26th, October 2009

bnp-officesWHAT odds that the Lancashire Telegraph’s scoop – “Revealed: The BNP’s ‘secret’ Burnley base” – is written by Tom Moseley?

An “e” can go a long way in Burnley, and while Oswald Mosley curses the one that got away, Tom tells us:

The British National Party has been quietly running an office in Burnley town centre for up to nine years, the Lancashire Telegraph can reveal.

It’s the word “quietly” that adds a noble element to this story. While the Tories were banging their drum, the Labour party was blowing a kazoo, the LibDems were debating who gets to hold the tambourine and the Miss Great Britain Party was throating the slide trombone, the BNP were quietly getting on with the business of hate. How’s that for true British values. You Austrians might like your marching and uniforms, but the BNP never grumble, rain or shine.

But then it becomes something more sinister:

The low-key office, just metres from Burnley town hall, is not mentioned in the far-right party’s literature or on its website – and most residents and even seasoned local politicians were unaware it existed…

Local activists insisted the second-floor rented office, which is identifiable only by a small “British Heritage” sign on the door, was no secret.

Did the BNP put the sign up, or was it already there?

Lib Dem council leader Gordon Birtwistle eyes the premises:

“Outside their membership I would not have thought anyone knew’… former long-serving Burnley MP Peter Pike, now a well-known community volunteer and chairman of Burnley Labour Party, said: “I certainly was not aware of it. It comes as a complete surprise to me. They need to be more up-front. When I was MP everyone knew where my office was.”

The scoop seems to be that a minor political party run by an unimpressive figure, has an office in Burnley.

Burnley BNP leader Sharon Wilkinson is here to help:

Asked why the sign outside said “British Heritage”, rather than the BNP’s name, she said: “Don’t ask me why. That plate has always been there.”

Perhaps the party should change its name, and save on the expense of having signs made up.  Look out for the ‘TO LET’ Party, the ‘VACANT’ Party and the ‘CONDEMNED Party”…

Image: overhead view of Party HQ.

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