Anorak News | X Factor Watch: Cowell Wins, Lucie Jones Is A Stepford Singer And Jedward Kill

X Factor Watch: Cowell Wins, Lucie Jones Is A Stepford Singer And Jedward Kill

by | 9th, November 2009

story67155fdf397ea180d9e5eb898998c913X FACTOR Watch: Your daily at-a-glance look at The X Factor in the news: Front pages, hating Simon Cowell, Irish patriotism saves Jedward and Lucie Jones goes down…

The front pages:

The Sun (front page): “BACK FROM THE JED”

“Storm as twins survive sing-off”

Daily Star (front page): “The X Factor for Lucie”

Daily Mail (front page): “Where’s your wedding ring Cheryl”

Daily Mirror (front page) Lucie lose”

Daily Express (front page): X Factor shock as Jedward twins stay in”

Metro: “Party’s over for Lucie”

Simon Cowell: The Teenage Terror

Daily Record: “X Factor: Simon Cowell performs U-turn to save John and Edward from the boot”

Lucie, 18, who was an early favourite to win the ITV talent show, looked crushed when the decision was announced. But she leapt to the twins’ defence, saying: “I’m gutted but the boys deserve to be here. They work harder than anyone.”

They train them well in the House of Cowell. They. Speak. On. Demand.

Dannii Minogue is a little more cutting, and regains control of her eyebrows long enough to say:

“I just wish all the good singers good luck in the singing competition. It shouldn’t have happened.”

If it were a singing contest would Dannii Minogue be a judge?

Others react:

Daily Mirror: “SHAME ON YOU SIMON”

A squirming Cowell later tried to justify keeping Jedward in the contest. He said: “You make a decision based on the moment. “I didn’t have strong feelings either way. If either were going to win the competition, I would have done the right thing. But it’s not my fault that those two artists were in the bottom two. But that’s the way it is. It’s not life and death… I wasn’t expecting that result. If I were to gamble, I wouldn’t have expected that.”


The Sun: “‘Ward a load of cobblers”

The source added: “The producers always claim that Simon doesn’t know how the voting goes before he makes his decision. But after the intense conversation with Simon, Holloway was seen whispering in the ears of judges Dannii, Cheryl Cole and Louis Walsh.”

Or checking for sings of life.

Daily Mirror: “X Factor’s Jedward would be the death of pop music”

And it puts Simon Cowell in a precarious position. Thanks to Jedward, the show is in danger of becoming a laughing stock – yet they are the only thing keeping the show interesting. While Joe, Stacey and Olly have improved, the seemingly outstanding contestants (Lucie, Jamie, Danyl) become less impressive and less interesting the more we see of them.

But pop music can be saved by whatever means necessary:


Nightclub DJ Pete Williams, 24, launched a sick hate campaign on the social networking site. He threatened to harm the 18-year-old Irish identical twins if one million web users joined his group.

Shocked and appalled

Now, Karen Dunn: “The X Factor: Jedward lives!”

I am shocked and appalled. Simon Cowell you should be ashamed of yourself.

It’s Patriotism Wot Won It

Belfast Telegraph: “Irish X Factor twins John and Edward steal the show with Ghostbusters theme”

What a performance, boys – because with a full-size Ghostbusters van, Michael Jackson-style dance routine and on-stage zombies, their vocal ability — or lack of it — wasn’t really an issue.

Er, no… That John & Edward picture gallery (below), last night’s result shocker and the live blog.


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